Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Tip Jar: Quality Service With A Personal Touch Will Bring The Customers Back

   In the not so distance past in the United States, a consumer had a personal interaction with those he chose to do business with for goods and services. For example, when needing clothing, a personal tailor may have been acquired to create the latest fashions. Or, if clothing was purchased in a store, a shopkeeper or sales associate would work directly with each individual to find the best styles, fit, colors, etc. This was done with the goal in mind of assisting the customer to look their best. And if successful, it was this store, and shopkeeper or sales associate that the customer would return to for any and all future purchases. This has all but disappeared except in the most exclusive high-end boutiques.
   A customer returning to a favored salesman or business still happens in some cases. For example, if you feel you received a 'good deal' when buying a car, you are most likely to return to the same car dealership and if possible, the same salesman when it is time to purchase a new vehicle. In my own life, I have returned to purchase a vehicle from the same source for the past three vehicles I have owned. I can remember visiting the same doctor and dentist throughout my life until I became an adult and moved too far away from them. However, I do remember for several years after I had moved, returning to the same hair stylist when I would visit my parents.
   The examples above happened because myself or my parents had confidence in the quality of service provided by those individuals, and we believed the cost of the services provided to be acceptable. Over the years we developed a personal relationship with these people and many also became friends. They were also the first name that would come to mind when a product or service in their category was needed.
   Good customer service is rare in some businesses or geographical locations. There are very few if any situations that the average consumer will work with the same individual for current and future purchases. The dentist, doctor and hair stylist examples may still apply. However, think about when you buy groceries, household items, electronics, and even clothing. You may or may not visit the same store. You most likely will not speak to the same person working a particular department. You may or may not speak to the same person at check out. And future purchases will almost certainly be with a new person with whom you've never met. I live in a college town and you can be confident that every 4-5 months, the staff at your favorite restaurant is going to be composed of mainly new employees.
   Let's take this one step further. The brick and mortar store is becoming a thing of the past as many businesses are closing their doors. In my own area, the local malls have experienced a decline in business and many stores have moved out or closed such as Sears, J.C. Penneys, Toys R Us, etc. One of the main reasons for all the store closings is a shift in consumer behavior. Many people are shopping online because of the convenience. This has created mega-businesses like Amazon.
   How can I apply this to the exotic male dancer? We all crave human interaction. Yes, I know there are those who say they hate people and some individuals would rather be alone most of the time. However, that is not the experience of the exotic male dancer fan. If anything, he or she is there for a huge helping of quality service and definitely craves human touch. And he or she is a participating consumer who is ready to exchange dollars for a little attention from the male dancers.

Photo Source: Rebar Chelsea - NYC
   This translates into revenue opportunities for the male dancer who is wise enough to play the game. All it takes is a personal touch in the form of flirting and teasing. If one chooses to go a step further, well, I wouldn't try to stop them. Let me just be honest here. When I find a male dancer to be attractive, I am first going to focus my gaze upon them. If they return that gaze and acknowledge that I exist, then I am going to make the move toward them with dollars in hand for tipping. If when I arrive at their location, they are friendly, flirty and like to tease, then more of my dollars are going to find a home in the waistband of that dancer. We could stop there and all parties have fulfilled their roles and will be happy.
   But let me speak as a gay male who of course is one of the top fans of exotic male dancers, if by some stroke of luck my hands are able to do some exploring while tipping, I'm going to be encouraged to tip even more. I'm just being real here. Oh, I know there are laws and club policies, etc., that may forbid this type of behavior, but we all know that it goes on anyway. So, the bottom line is this, if the male dancer is clever and finds ways for the customer to enjoy himself without either getting caught or causing a scene, then at least for me, I'm going to tip more in return. If you haven't already figured it out though, I am a whore when it comes to male dancers. It's just a reality, and I own it!
   Let me also say, that I do respect a line that has been drawn by a male dancer. Even when I go into a private lap dance where no one else is around, I will ask the male dancer where they draw the line. And I will respect what they say. When enjoying the entertainment of a male dancer at a club, I'm not looking for a prostitute. But I'm sure as hell going to try and see what I can get by's in my nature. But let me say once again, I always respect a line that a male dancer has drawn. And as we all know, when someone says we can't have something, it makes us want it all the more. So, for me, that's all a part of the game, and definitely another tease that keeps me coming back.
   A male dancer fan will return to the same club to interact with their favorite dancer(s). In this day of bar and club closings, it is in the best interest of all parties involved to provide quality service with a personal touch. Develop the skill of flirting and the art of tease. They will serve you well. Interact with the customers to encourage them to return. This will bring more tips to your waistband and keep the industry strong. Until next time, I'll see you with dollars in hand.

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