Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cody Domino Reveals His Many Talents - Exotic Male Dancer - Chi-Town Boyz - Chicago

   There's more than meets the eye when it comes to Cody Domino. But, what meets the eye is worth stopping and noticing. With the pic above, I've decided 'baby blue' is my new favorite color! Ok, you stat whores, here are his numbers: 5'10 170lbs 31waist dark brown hair and brown eyes. And his All-American ethnic mix includes Spanish, French and German. Cody can be found every week filling various entertainment roles in the Chicago area. This Thursday, July 14, he will be dancing under the Chi-Town Boyz banner at the Velvet Rope in Oak Park, IL. (See the ad at the bottom of blog for the details.)

   The exotic male dancers of Chi-Town Boyz have become a frequent feature at the Velvet Rope, and that's understandable. There are a lot of hot male dancers like Cody that work with the founder, Patrick Daniel. Patrick has been involved with exotic male dancer entertainment for several years, and I know from personal experience that he recruits some of the hottest dancers, and always puts on a great show! (In pic right: Cody in chains...ok, I'm thinking of all kinds of possibilities with this scenario.)

   As I alluded to in the beginning, Cody has many layers. One of those layers is being a sexy exotic male dancer. Another layer is an accomplished DJ. Cody can often be found at Spin in Chicago. His style has been described as "The sounds of drums and synths definitely defines some of who he is but his range of style is more. From mainstream club/radio, to tribal, to circuit, to electro, the pan of these different sounds and layers has an effect of any club goer on the dancefloor to move their feet." You can read more about Cody, the DJ, and download his music at this link.

Photo Credits: Louis Boroff, Steve Starr

Thanks Cody! The locker room fantasy always works for me!

   If you live in or will be visiting the Chicago area, check Cody's facebook page and see what role he'll be playing and where. Also, look for the Chi-Town Boyz dancing at various clubs throughout Chicagoland. Until next time, put on some baby blue underwear and take your pic. Click here and email me the results.

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