Friday, March 26, 2010

What type of underwear on a male stripper does it for you?

   Male stripper fans are turned on by a variety of factors. And when that involves a male dancer and the underwear they are wearing, the style, color and size can all have an influence on how a fan reacts. I enjoy watching a variety of dancers with different body types. And I have reached my own conclusions about what looks good on each type.

   I have one written rule, reserve boxers for special theme nights, but be sure and wear something more sexy underneath. A go-go dancer is there to reveal more for the potential tippers to look at, not to cover it up. If the boxers are used as a tease to provide glimpses of what is underneath in front and/or back, then the boxer can be elevated to a whole new level.

   Very few dancers actually look good in a pair of tighty-whities. I am thankful that there are so many more options available. The style, color, and size can all have an influence on how someone perceives a dancer. Some guys look great in boxer-briefs, particularly if they have a round butt, nice basket or muscular legs. If they have all three please call me and tell me where they are dancing. For a slim twink, a pair of skimpy briefs looks great, particularly in bright colors. In most cases thongs only look good on jocks and body builders.

   For those guys who have been blessed with the genetics for the perfect bubble-butt, I suggest it be revealed and allowed to be admired. Try on a variety of different underwear styles to see which one molds itself perfectly. Or, if you are really proud of it, and it is legal in the state where you are dancing, wear a jock strap.

   Although mesh is very sexy, we recommend that a dancer wear a thong or jock strap underneath. Part of the whole experience is the tease. If you put it all out there from the very beginning, you remove the mystery and fun that comes with the slow, seductive revelation.

   For the dancers who have been blessed in the nether regions, we suggest one of the pouch type underwear so everything is lifted and pushed forward for our enjoyment. This is also nice for tipping when our forearms "accidentally" brush against any protruding appendages.

   Let me know what type of underwear and color does it for you. Send me an email or post a comment and describe what your fantasy male dancer wears (before he wears nothing at all).
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