Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween for the Male Stripper

    If you are looking for a sexy way to enjoy Halloween or just about any other time of year, check out these products by CandyMan and sold by Nuwear. Scarey is good, but "hot" always works!!! Whether on the dance floor, at a party, on the stage, or in the bedroom these costumes based on a great pair of underwear are playful and grab attention. The classic twist on the vampire theme (left) fits well into the popularity of vampires we have seen during the past few years. Add the teeth and find a neck you're wanting to nibble on.

    This devil costume is a favorite with Males In Motion. Everyone likes the idea of being a little bit bad from time to time (or maybe a lot). And if you're a male stripper, being bad always plays into the fantasy of your fans. You'll be able to stir up a little hell fire and brimstone. Add a pitchfork and begin to rule your domain.




    If you know anything at all about Males In Motion, you know that we are big fans of the cowboy fantasy. Add a Stetson or your favorite cowboy hat and even a pair of boots then walk into your favorite saloon. Or even better, our favorite saloon. Just give us a call and we'll meet you there.

    With this costume you'll look good at the bar, on the bar, behind the bar, or under the bar! Saddle up and ride 'em cowboy!!! Check out our blog Male Strippers As Cowboys for a few instructions on working the crowd with the cowboy look.








    For those of you who have always wanted to play cops and robbers, here is your chance. You can take turns being the dominate and the submissive. Add a night stick, siren, and maybe even a flashing light. "Yes, sir, I have been bad and must be punished." Ok, you can take the fantasy from here. Put your favorite criminal in these rubber boxer briefs and add a black mask, black gloves, and black boots. And of course, handcuff him (or her) a few times during the night.


    ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!! The pirate and his "treasure" is always fun to put on display. If the family jewels are abundant, then for goodness sakes!!! show them off. A pirate's work is never done. Yo, ho, ho, a pirate's life for me. Well, at least for the weekend!
    We hope these have provided you a few ideas for Halloween or any other costume need. Click on CandyMan under SHOP BY BRAND on the Nuwear website for any of the costumes above. And you can always check out Nuwear for ideas to create your own fantasy costumes. Have a fun, safe and sexy Halloween this year!!!

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