Thursday, October 14, 2010

Club Review: BJs NXS in Dallas, TX

    BJs NXS in Dallas, TX has the hottest bartenders in town! That's not usually our focus on a club that emphasizes their male dancers. However, with BJs NXS we felt an exception must be made. Just think of it, eye candy on the stage and eye candy behind the bar. It's a win, win situation!!!

    BJs NXS is one of the nicest facilities for male dancers that we have visited. The large room has a DJ booth with a live DJ immediately to the right as you enter the door. The far right mirror-lined wall has a raised seating area that runs its length. Just in front of the seating area are two poles with small platforms and a trapeze swing in the middle. The left side of the building has another seating area and a corner raised dancer stage. There is also a door that goes to an outside patio. A bar runs down the middle of the room. Another door in the back leads to the restrooms.

    The first thing we noticed were the bartenders. There were four of them behind the bar all shirtless, hot, and personable. We ordered a Crown and Coke and a Jack and Coke. The price for each was $8 plus a $1 tip. We chose to sit near the far wall because it had the trapeze swing which is a feature we do not often find in the clubs we visit. This was a great place to view the whole club.

   A young (and cute) show host/director made announcements amd introduced the dancers as they mounted the stages. One such announcement let us know that one of the bartenders had won a “Bartender of the Year” title in a competition. It is only fair to admit that BJs NXS is the first club with male dancers that I have spent more time watching the bartenders than the dancers. The customers must have agreed because most of them gathered around the center bar and stayed close.

    During our visit there were seven different dancers. We had two favorites, one was tall and muscular, and a great dancer. He seemed to be popular with several in the crowd who were seated at the main bar. The other was a smaller slim dancer with dark hair wearing black boxer briefs. A couple of blond dancers danced together and another dancer would frequently jump on the the trapeze swing and perform. It was a nice extra added to the show.

    We recommend that you take advantage of the valet parking unless you are going to stop by early. We recently visited the club on a Friday night. Upon arrival we found parking to be a little scarce and chose to take advantage of the valet service. The cost was only $3 and we tipped another $3 when we left. There was no cover.

    BJs NXS is located in an area with several other bars. Once you have parked, you can walk back and forth among all the bars. Zippers bar with male dancers is across the street so you have two locations from which to party and enjoy the boys. When we visit Dallas, we like to spend an evening moving back and forth. Wherever you decide to spend your evening, we recommend a drink from BJs NXS, take in the bartenders, flirt a little, and then sit down and watch the show. Until next time, tip the boyz (and the bartenders) at BJs for me!

LOCATION: 3215 N Fitzhugh Ave
Dallas, TX 75204

PHONE: 214-443-9350

BJs NXS Website
BJs NXS Facebook Page

Photos from BJs NXS Website, Dallas Hott Boys Group On Facebook, BJs NXS Facebook Page, and Clifford Lee BJs NXS Facebook Page.

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