Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Quickie That Was Well Worth It
Le Campus In Montreal

(Photo Source: Le Campus Website)
   Did I really have the time? I had somewhere I wanted to be in an hour or less. When would I have another opportunity like this? It was right there. I could reach out and touch it. I have to do this. So, I walked in the door at Le Campus in Montreal.
   I went up the stairs and stopped halfway up at a large dark room where a doorman was collecting the door charge. Through the darkness I could see a bar and behind it a stage where a male dancer was sliding around his underwear to reveal a large erection. Yes, "everybody's got time for this". I walked in and went to the right of the bar to an area with tables and chairs, and found a seat. Within minutes a cute waiter/bar back asked me if I wanted something to drink. I ordered and soon received it, and tipped him. On the stage in front of me, another dancer had stepped out and was completely nude. He was muscular but lean. My eyes were quite pleased.
   I hadn't been sitting very long before several different dancers approached me asking me if I wanted to do a private with them. I explained that it was my first time there and I wanted to enjoy the show for a little while and then I'd consider a private. If I hadn't already had plans, I would have probably gone with each and every one of them. They each had assets that captured my attention and left me weak and vulnerable but I remained strong...unfortunately. I particularly remember one dancer named Larenzo. And he will be enough to keep my daydreams alive until I can return for a full night at Le Campus.
   As you see, I cannot speak from experience about any private lap dances but I can say that the show alone was worth my making a detour and stopping for an hour. It was a quickie but was well worth my stop. But when I return, and I will return, I will be doing much more than watching the show.

(Photo Source: Le Campus Website)
   Until next time, take a quickie if you have to...but when possible plan for going the distance long and smooth, or hard and rough....whatever floats your boat. And as always, don't forget to tip the boys!

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