Friday, May 24, 2013

The Sexy Boyz of Boxers N Briefs
St. Louis ... Closed on Mondays! WHAT???

(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   It is a tradition of mine to spend my birthday with the boys at Boxers N Briefs. The club was my first all-nude male stripper club experience. I walked through the doors that night to see naked men standing on the bar with penises bouncing. At that time, it was not a scene that I was accustomed to seeing, and my mouth dropped open, my eyes opened wider, my heart skipped a beat,
a huge smile spread across my face and I was hooked! Now, many years later, I don't dread getting a year older, I look forward to how I will celebrate at Boxers N Briefs.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   It just so happens that this year my birthday fell on a Monday and Boxers N Briefs is closed on Mondays. WHAT??? You can't be closed! What was I to do? Well, I was taught that when things don't go exactly as you had hoped or planned, to improvise. So instead of spending a few hours tipping the boys as they danced,
I spent the afternoon with four sexy dancers from the club in a photo shoot. Yes, it was a difficult way to spend a birthday but I managed to suffer through it. :D And as I posted on Facebook, it was a f'n fabulous birthday!!! Thanks to Matt at the club for setting things up. And special thanks to Houston, Flex, Rio and Kemper for a fun, productive and sexy afternoon!
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   I've tried to do these guys justice in the pics I've taken. But
let's get your imaginations going and make them even better. Please remember that this is a nude male strip club. So, these guys do dance without any type of clothing blocking your view. Well, except socks. But you have to have somewhere to place the tip.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill)
   My advice is to plan your birthday celebration at Boxers N Briefs. The club is in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area, across the Mississippi River at 55 Four Corners Lane, Centreville, IL. They are closed on Mondays but open all six of the other days of the week. Check their website for hours of operation for each day. Until next time, remember during their sessions on the bar or on the stage, they'll be wearing only socks. Don't forget to fill those socks with tips! (For more pics from this photo shoot, check out the Boxers N Briefs photo album at the Michael Hill Digital Facebook page.)
UPDATE: Rio, above, has gone on to become a Andrew Christian Trophy Boy. You can follow him by clicking here.

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