Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Indulge Yourself In A Secret Naked Getaway
Club Xstatic ~ Springfield, Massachusetts

   It has been a year or so since I had the pleasure of enjoying a night at Club Xstatic in Springfield, MA.  This club has stood the test of time while other similar venues have come and gone in the Northeast.   A friend of mine lost his private lap dance virginity at this club during my visit, when for the very first time he spent a few minutes in the company of a lean, yet muscular blond dancer.  And he has fond memories of his experience.  I hope to soon return but I am not sure when that will happen.  But those of you who live in the Northeast or will be traveling there can take a simple train ride to Springfield, MA, stay at the hotel only two blocks away from the club, and enjoy a night or better yet, a weekened secret get away with some very hot, and yes, very naked male dancers.

   Let Club Xstatic be your secret indulgence. For me it's a place where you get lost in the atmosphere, shake off the stress of life, enjoy a beer or cocktail, and have some good ol' fashioned 'dirty' fun. I describe it like this:
    Mike's Club Xstatic Get Away Weekend:
  • Arrive at Club Xstatic, a Northeast Destination that caters to feeding the senses.
  • Relax (if you can) with your favorite drink in hand, and watch exotic precision movement above, below, and around the pole
  • Ignore the clock and let the night slip away.
  • Place your tips in and finish this sentence.
  • Feast on some delightful "eye candy".
  • Splurge and enjoy a private lap dance or two with your favorite exotic male dancers.
  • Explore your fantasies and create memories you'll remember for many years.
  • And if it's a weekend. You can come back the next night and do it again.

    Links for Planning Your Club Xstatic Getaway Weekend
  • Club Xstatic Website
  • Club Xstatic
    Facebook Page
  • Amtrak Website - For Train Schedules
  • Call Club Xstatic to get the name of the hotel nearby. You can walk from the hotel to the club.
  • Several of the dancers have their own facebook page. You can click a link to those from the Club Xstatic website photo gallery.

   I've mentioned weekend getaways in this blog but let's make it clear. Club Xstatic is open 7, yes, seven nights each week. So, if your days off fall in the middle of the week, you can still enjoy your 'Secret Naked Getaway'. Of course, when you return to the office it is your choice if you tell everyone why you have that silly grin on your face.

Club Xstatic
240 Chestnut St.
Springfield, MA 01103

   There is one catch with having a secret weekend getaway at Club Xstatic. You have to tell me. It will be our little secret. And, I want to hear all about it...Every single detail.
   Check their website for upcoming special events.
   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! And if they are nude...splurge and get that private lap dance you've always wanted.

UPDATE (November 13, 2012): Cobalt King (from Facebook) recently visited Club Xstatic. He had this to say...
""On "Muscle Monday", I went to see my favorite dancers at my favorite nude male strip club, Xstatic in Springfield, Massachusetts. They serve alcohol there and the bartenders are friendly and fun. They also have a great dance floor (for patrons to get their groove on away from the two stages). The relocated dance floor is just one of the changes. Other renovations include the reconfiguration of the private dance area. The club's ambience is comfortable, urban, chic, but also familiar in a "Cheers" kind of way. You get the best of small city/unique big city entertainment in a place that's easy to get to, affordable as a tourist, and filled with hot naked dancers who are happy to shake their penises and balls in your face. I have a few favorite dancers, but on this past Monday, I spent most of my time with Bryce. He's a solidly constructed man who is fit and sculpted. His private dances are fucking incredible! Go to Club Xstatic and truly let your guard down, so you can drink in the fantasy" Cobalt King

I've added a pic here of Bryce so you guys can see why Cobalt King is so fond of him.

UPDATE: In Spring 2013, Club Xstatic moved and changed their name to Xroom at Mardi Gra. You can find updated information at their website by clicking here.
UPDATE: In June 2014, Mike visited Xroom at Mardi Gra. Click here to read his review.


  1. I regularly drive from NY to Springfield just for this club! I stay at the hotel two blocks away and safely walk to Xstatic. The dancers and bartenders @ Xstatic are genuinely good guys. Periodically, you'll see a hard cock on stage, but mostly the dancers are having fun and entertaining the crowd... while naked... showing off their athletic abilities. Private lap dances are F'ing hot, and the guys circulate in between dances to have real conversations. It's a great mix of a dirty strip joint and an upscale burlesque show. Definitely something for every taste, too!

  2. the name of the hotel that's two blocks away is City Place Inn & Suites.

  3. Lol that's the pic that got me a 30 day ban from fb -bryce

    1. Well, your ban is our gain! Thanks! :)

  4. Gentlemen,
    Recently I met a young hot stud (Stage name Mike or Mikey) at club Xstatic who gave me the evening of my dreams, so I figured I'd write a short review about this awesome young man!
    While he's a shot boy and not a dancer in the normal sense of the title, (he rarely gets on stage as I understand it) he was more than willing to put down his tray for a few sessions in the back room with me when I finally built up the courage to ask him if he would give me a private! I'd been there a few times before over the past few years, flirted with him while he tended bar, and bought a few shots off him so I could slip him a tip to get a hand on that gorgeous butt... but I never knew he did private sessions until the last time I was there, and boy am I glad I asked!
    I won't go into detail about what happened during the 15 minutes we were back there, but if I'd had brought more cash with me, I believe I could have spent a good hour back there with out taking my eyes, lips or hands off him... He's gorgeous, well equipped, with a great athletic body, and to top it off he's a smart guy (Working on his JD or PhD I believe)...
    While I've had a few guys dance for me before, Mike was definitely the best I've had there by a long shot! If you haven't yet taken him for a spin, do yourself the favor of trying his flavor! Honestly his shots are sometimes delicious, and sometimes they lack a certain something, but if you buy a round it's an easy way to get him to strike up a conversation, and from there I'd be surprised if you don't fall in love with him with in minutes... Trust me! For those of you like me, that love the all-american guy next door type, this guy is perfect.
    Winston G. from the big apple!