Thursday, October 4, 2012

Caught With Their Pants Down
The Photography of James Townsend
West Hollywood, CA

   When someone is said to be
"caught with their pants down",
it usually means that someone
has been caught doing something
they really shouldn't be doing.
Maybe they were seen in a
compromising position with
someone other than their spouse
or partner. In our case, it
describes when we first noticed
the photography of James
   We noticed all the sexy men
 without pants, mostly in
underwear, swimwear, or less. 
The sexy men were the  subjects
he had captured in his photography and we started searching for
them and wanting to see more.  When the exotic male dancers from
MJ's in Silverlake, CA were included in his subject matter, we took
special notice.

   Since our initial discovery we have found that James Townsend's
talents far transcend the hot boys in underwear. Be prepared to stay awhile at both his facebook page and website.  You'll get lost in time
while looking at all the pics of sexy men. There are several albums
and galleries for you to explore and definitely enjoy as we have.

    Current Projects For James Townsend Photos:
  • Untitled Underwear Book: JTownsendPhotos, is seeking male
    models in the Los Angeles area to take part in a new
    underwear photo-book project being sponsored by Still untitled, the book features male
    models in their favorite pair of underwear as they take part in
    a daily activity, hobby of interest, fantasy, etc. Whatever you
    enjoy doing-- do it! Be creative and have fun showing off those undies... Past examples have been playing sports, shopping,
    body painting and much more! To be considered, please submit
    your contact information, idea/theme for shoot and current pictures to: Please note,
    you must be in the LA area to take part in the project.

   We are always looking forward to the latest
work from James
Townsend Photos. If you
live in the Los Angeles
area or will be traveling there, make contact
through email, facebook
or from their website.
Until next time, I hope
to see you "caught with your pants down".

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