Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mike's Top 12 of 2012 Favorite Clubs With Exotic Male Dancers


   I've selected my Top 12 Favorite Clubs with Exotic Male Dancers for 2012. The list is subjective based on either my personal experience or the personal experiences of people I know and trust. Social Media has also played a part in the selection by giving an edge to those who actively post their events, dancers, etc., on facebook, twitter, etc. They are in no particular order.

Swinging Richard's - Atlanta, GA

   Swinging Richard's is Top Shelf Special Reserve. They ALWAYS have hot dancers with amazing bodies and large endowments. Their VIP room is an experience that should be placed on your bucket list. However, place it at the top of the list because you will want to return many times in your life.

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BJsNXs - Dallas, TX

   You'll find 'good people' inside the sexy go-go boys, pole dancers and bartenders. Good people with Texas drawls, and southern charm. It's a seriously seductive combination that makes you want to stay all-night once you enter the door. Ace, in pic above, is one of our favorite dancers for this year and calls BJsNXs home.

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Club Xstatic - Springfield, MA

   Recipe for Club Xstatic male dancers: Mix in a little East Coast bad boy, throw in a little trash talk, add a full measure of exhibitionism and cover it with killer smiles and tight bodies. Club Xstatic is for those nights when you know you want to be bad. Bryce, in pic above, is another one of our favorites for this year.

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Stockbar - Montreal, QB

   French Canadian men with the confidence to let it all hang out before crowds of men (and women on ladies night). The dancers love their audiences and their audiences definitely love them. But who wouldn't? Beautiful men with exceptional bodies stripping down to only what mother nature gave them.



Adonis Lounge at Evolve- NYC

When something exciting is going on, word gets around! The whispers about Adonis have made it to our ears many times this past year. A few muscle lovers have really been talking! Experience it first hand and you'll be recounting the tales of your exotic exploits at Adonis. (Be sure you tell me first.)



340 Club - Pomona, CA

In it's first year, this club has set a new standard for the number of go-go dancers who require an Xtra Large pouch for their briefs. And after we were able to refocus our eyes and move our heads, we noticed that the dancers had great bodies and nice faces as well.

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LaBare Dallas - Dallas, TX

   The ladies can't get enough of these 'take-your-breath-away' men. Their interaction with the audience keeps the heart rate at an elevated pace.

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Johnny's - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

   Quality and quantity work hand-in-hand at Johnny's to provide a full house of hot male dancers. Add a weekly amateur strip contest. And start the dancers at 6:00pm. This all tells me they have their eyes on the wishes of the customers.(Photo source: Mark's List)

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XL Nightclub - NYC

XL Nightclub provides an over-the-top, major event experience. They take their playtime serious. And that includes the high-quality dancing men that entertain the crowds in their underwear or costumes. It's tacky to take a tape measure with you, so just take our word for it, they're long.

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BoxersNBriefs - Centreville, IL (Near St. Louis, MO)

Let's just be real for a minute. Sometimes you just want to see dick. When I'm in that mood, I head to Boxers-n-Briefs. You'll find pretty boys dancing on the bar, stage or shower. With a little monetary encouragement through well-placed tips, you'll see dick as they slide those underwear down and toss them aside. Tell Rob that Mike from Males In Motion sent you. He's one of my favorite bartenders.

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MJ's - Silverlake, CA

MJ's has discovered the spice of life...variety. They showcase exotic male dancers with chiseled bodies and model good looks; men with hair on their chest, tattoos and/or piercings; muscled body builders and muscle bears; slim twinks, and more! There's a male dancer that will be pleasing for almost every taste, fetish or proclivity. There is one thing that most share in common...they must have big "hands"! Well, the old wives' tales say the size of your hand is directly related. Or is it feet? Anyway, you understand.

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Antropology - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Muy Caliente!!! If you will be traveling south of the border, make Puerto Vallarta a destination. Sure, you'll find the usual ways to pamper yourself...beaches, spas, resorts, etc. But if you want to make it exotic, visit Antropology. You'll be glad you did. And whatever happens there, keep it a secret...except with me of course. I want all the details.

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   Thanks to everyone for following my blog in 2012. Did I miss any of your favorites in my list above? Comment below and let me know. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz!


  1. I love that there's a blog dedicated to male strippers (I'll be reading from now on)! lol. Not sure if you've had the opportunity to experience Adonis but if not I STRONGLY URGE you to make a trip during the last Saturday of any upcoming month for their Private Shows. It will blow ALL other clubs you've been too away- GUARANTEED! That guy in the PIC btw looks way better in-person and nude than in that picture :-). ---DS

    1. Always glad to find new blog readers. There are many, many guys talking about Adonis this year. Tell me more. I would like to know just why it will "blow ALL other clubs you've been to away". :) Email me at And I want all the details.

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry, no more pics of Vinny. That was borrowed from their facebook page.

  3. Have to agree with DS... Adonis is always fun but the last Saturday of the month is a chance to get to know Vinny (really nice guy) and the other guys in a more intimate setting. Guaranteed to arouse.

  4. I visited Swingin' Richards in Miami recently and it was spectacular. The dancers are good looking and friendly and ALL of them are well-endowed. They strip completely and sport semi-hard cocks which they proudly wave at you. Definitely add it to your list of the best.