Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Things First
New Year Check-Up

It's All About The Fans!

   With the arrival of the new year, it's time for a little check-up
 for our clubs/bars, managers, owners, male revues, and each
individual exotic male dancer whether a go-go boy, male stripper,
or another part of the show! An exotic male dancer is an entertainer.
His first priority is to entertain the fan, or more specifically the
customer. He may have the hottest body, largest package, sexiest
voice with a face and smile that stops them in their tracks, but it's
not about him, it's about the customer.
(Above Photo: MJs ~ Silver Lake, CA)

    It's the customer who when properly motivated is going to reach
 into his/her pocket and take out those $1, $5, $10, $20 or higher
 bills and slide them into the waist band of the skimpy underwear
worn by the almost naked man who is keeping him/her entertained.
It's the customer who will choose to enjoy a lap dance or make a
visit to the VIP Lounge where he spends the big bucks that pays
the bills, pays for college, pays for that new car, etc. And it's the
customer who when he has received excellent customer service
on his initial trip to the club, will return again and further add to
the income of the dancers, bar or club, staff, and owners.

   With the customer in mind, make sure you are making him/her
the  priority. The truth is, exotic male dancers come and go. Some
dance for one night and they're gone. Others make performing a
mini-career  and can stay with it for several years. But the majority
dance for a few months and then move on to something else. If the
owners/managers of bars and clubs are focusing on top-notch
customer service, then the customers will remain loyal through
the ups and downs of quality exotic male dancers.

   My advice, such as it is, is to evaluate whether your focus is on
customer service. Are you providing the entertainment value that
is desired? Do your hours of operation reflect the needs of your
customers? Do your male dancers focus on the customers and
making sure they are enjoying their visit to your club/bar? It is
inevitable that young good-looking guys who become exotic male
dancers may carry a little ego with them. Confidence and even a
little cockiness can sometimes be long as the main focus
is on the customer.
(Above Photo: Buck Stone ~ Houston, TX)

   Ok, we've determined that the customer is the priority. Now, with
that focus in mind, make plans for 2013. Make it the most customer
service oriented year you've ever had. You will see a positive
difference! Until next time, my other advice is..."Show some skin,
and they will come in."
(Above Photo: XL Nightclub ~ New York, NY ~ Source: Wilson Models)

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