Thursday, January 24, 2013

Under The Big Top
The Photography of Brenden-John
Los Angeles, CA

   The ringmaster steps into the center ring dressed in white almost see-through underwear with a large pouch that is necessarily stretched to accommodate. He is wearing a top hat, red and black coat and tails, and tall black leather boots. A bow tie is tied around his neck. His bare chest is sculpted and tan. His solid stance accentuates the muscles of his thighs and calves. He raises the microphone to his mouth and begins to announce, "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are in for the time of your life! You will see breath-taking stunts, feats of daring, and some of the hottest men on the planet." ...Well, that's how my fantasy circus begins.

   Thanks to the work of LA based photographer, Brenden-John, my big top fantasy has taken on visual life. Over the past few months I have been inspired to 'share' many of his pics with my facebook friends. My focus of course, is always on those he has posted featuring exotic male dancers. But Brenden-John's talent goes much further than that. His range includes creative images of the people behind the scenes who make the events work. He provides glimpses into the personalities of those attending the events. And he is also able to capture the allure and seduction of such LA nights as "Hooker Casino" and "Stripper Circus" held at the HERE Lounge in West Hollywood. We've included several of these seductive images in this blog. We are proclaiming the collection to be the "Big Top Gallery". And from the photos, you can see that "Big Top" can definitely have more than one meaning.
   Over the past year, Brenden-John has inspired a new movement of black and white photography in clubs in the LA area. He creates original black and white images directly through the camera lens. He prefers to shoot in ambient light without a flash, one of the ingredients that give his images their signature look. After viewing some of his work in black and white, I was recently inspired to create a black and white gallery for the Men of Mojo's in Tulsa, OK. Whether in black and white or color, I find Brenden-Johns photos crisp and exotic, and often feature my favorite subject matter: The Exotic Male Dancer.

   Brenden-John has also captured some of our favorite personalities from Los Angeles including Johnathan Myers as shown below.

More From The Big Top Gallery

   You will find Brenden-John capturing images for Vignette Sundays at Vignette in West Hollywood. He was recently hired to shoot the White Party event in Palm Springs, and the MATINEE Las Vegas Festival for this year. He also is currently working as an on-set stills photographer for movies and television.
   If you live or will be visiting the Los Angeles area look for Brenden-John behind the camera. And please tell him thanks for Males In Motion. Until next time, I'll look for you under the big top! And don't forget to tip the boyz!
(Photo Source for this blog: Brenden-John Photography ~ Events Facebook Page)

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