Friday, January 18, 2013

Club Review: BJsNXs - Dallas, TX
Jail Break, Lassoed Cowboys, And Kidnapped Bartenders

(Photo Source for this blog: BJsNXs Facebook Page)

   For me, walking into BJsNXs was like facing down a night of ultimatums. I saw a room full of male dancers, and I was determined that before the night was over, I would tip each and every one of them. Then I walk up to the bar for my Jack and Coke and see the hottest bartender that I have seen in many a moon. He had a very sexy body, handsome face and was wearing a pair of low-rise trunk underwear that gives you thoughts...yes, those kind of thoughts. I think his name was Kyle. You should see his chest. I had to tell myself that I was not going to jump over that bar and join him. (For those of you who know me, I want you to know that I did just hear you laugh). Kyle made my male dancer tipping challenge impossible because for the rest of the night, I was determined to keep from watching only him. It didn't work well but I was able to turn away a few times.

   There were a couple of dancers who helped pull my attention in another direction though. One was Chance who further fostered my fantasies of the cowboy with his cowboy hat, cowboy boots, Texas accent and yellow underwear. I began to rewrite the song, "The Yellow Rose of Texas". All I can say is that he better be glad he was dancing inside a cage. With what he was wearing, I could not be held responsible for my actions. I was determined to get in that cage with him. And I did make five trips up to the cage to tip him. I tried the bars a few times, and found yes, they were solid. However, I was able to reach through the bars and place a tip without leaving any marks. The last time I asked him to turn around so I could appreciate him from the back. He said, "yes sir!" Of course, then I broke the lock off the cage with the butt of my gun and climbed into the cage. I then lassoed a rope around him and began to haul him out to the barn...wait, sorry, that didn't really happen, that was something I thought about later...back to the review.

   I found myself a seat where I could view Kyle and Chance with the simple turn of my head. I got motion sickness a few times but it was well worth it. Of course, what I didn't realize was that right in front of me was also a low platform where several of the dancers stopped during the evening and danced, right in front of me. It was like having my own private male dancer. Sometimes there was only one, and at other times there were up to three. I could reach out from where I was sitting and tip them...such a convenience for a fan like myself.

   One dancer in particular stood out from all others on the platform. His name was Christiano. Shorter then some, cute, with a stocky solid build, Christiano had been given gifts from mother nature that made him a natural in this occupation. Thanks Christiano, your skills as a host and representative of BJsNXs were appreciated. You drew me into the excitement and pleasure of the night. Whether on purpose or not, you made this customer feel important, noticed, and encouraged me to have a good time...which I did. Me gusto mucho Christiano!

   BJsNXs almost caused me to become a blatant liar. Yes, I was prepared to tell them that it was my birthday. Even though my actual birth date is in May, when I saw how a guest was entertained for his birthday, well, let me just say, that I wanted some of that! He was surrounded by the male dancers to the point that he could no longer be seen by the crowd. Now, I've had that fantasy too but here it was happening for real or as gamers would say in RL. So, I'm just going to tell you now that next time I go to BJsNXs in Dallas, is going to be my birthday. I don't care what month it is! (Did you get that Juan? Put my name on the list for birthday surprise!)

   As you can tell, I had a lot of fun. But, it wasn't just me. What I noticed most was that everyone was having a good time. The crowd was mostly gay men but there were several females as well. One cute young blond female near me kept squealing each time she would tip a dancer. She made me laugh. I may not have been squealing outside but yes sweetheart, I too will admit, I was squealing inside.

   Ok, so I did overemphasize a few wild west cliches in this blog but the cowboy is king in my fantasy world. So, I get that privilege. But the club itself, BJsNSx is anything but a wild west saloon or dusty watering hole. It is a premier club with plenty to keep you entertained and enjoying yourself! Juan Lucerno and the boyz are doing a great job! If you live in the city or are ever in Dallas, you owe it to yourself to stop by and have a good time!

   Until next time, Kyle and I will be riding off into the sunset on horseback even if I do have to keep him in handcuffs...wait, sorry, that didn't really happen either. So, until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz...dancers and bartenders!!!

(Oh and between you and me, one last thing...there were a lot of mighty fine behinds on those BJsNXs dancers.)

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