Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tell Me Why The Road Turned

In 2012 we lost three special individuals. Males In Motion pauses in this blog to not only say good bye but also to say thank you to Shawn, Angelo and Jacob for bringing smiles and enjoyment to their fans, friends and families. Our thoughts and prayers will remain with those in their circle especially in Dallas where all three performed. Shawn and Jacob were both part of the BJsNXs family and Angelo was with LaBare Dallas. The question of "why?" is the first to come to mind. I'm reminded of the classic Diana Ross song, "Missing You", when she sings, "Tell me why the road turns." There is often no understanding or comprehension of why things happen. We choose then to celebrate the lives of these three who are gone, but will not be forgotten!





Thank you. Never forgotten.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers to there family and friends.