Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FB And The Phallus

NOTE: Please make sure you read the two updates at the bottom of this blog.

   It's HARD ON a guy like me to post pics of an exotic male dancer's WILLY on Facebook. There is a decision before the post can be made...WOODY or WOODY not. A cloth covered ERECTION can be a thing of beauty. But the policies of Facebook will slap it and say, "PENIS bad".
   And one can never post a bare COCK in all it's glory on Facebook without consequences. So, as a result of posting too much DICK and ass, the Michael Hill account on Facebook has been suspended once again. This time indefinitely. You could say I've been given the SHAFT.
   It is most likely that this Michael Hill will never again post a pic of a male dancer's TOOL on Facebook. I will never again click upload to share the engorged MEMBER of a male stripper. My friends list will never again see that I have "liked" that most amazing go-go boy's SCHLONG.
   It would have been ok, had some jealous PRICK not reported it. Facebook tends to turn a blind eye to a secret and closed group otherwise. But like my friend PETER says, "It's all good."
   So, what's the plan? Well, I'm keeping the Facebook Exotic Male Dancer Secret Group active. And I will keep the Facebook Males In Motion page as well. I had set up a second account and made it an administrator for both as a safety net in case something like this were to happen. I will be posting links in these two locations that will take you to my tumblr blog, instagram and twitter accounts, or the Males In Motion website. And I may add others in the future. The pics in these two locations on Facebook will have 'the boyz' and the bubble butts covered but once you click on them, you will be transported into a world of freedom where all may be revealed.
   Let's keep in touch. And since we're not concentrating on FB, we can touch it.
   Until next time, keep those boys dancing.
UPDATE: About four months after this account was suspended, I got it back. So I currently post regularly at Michael Hill Facebook Account
UPDATE 2: On August 27, 2017 the Michael Hill account was suspended for 30 days. Does this give me street cred where male nudity is concerned? ;) So, look for posts by Mike Duett, the backup account.

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Photo Source: Males In Motion

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