Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Silverado in Portland, OR
~ Guest Review by Falkirk ~

Photo Source: Silverado Facebook Page

Whoopee! Silverado!
   I went to Silverado in Portland on St. Patrick’s Day and had a great time. What a happy place that is. It is the only male stripper bar that I have been to that welcomes men and women equally and, in my opinion, it seems to work. Maybe because Portland, OR is such a liberal city and all the folks are just generally mellow and accepting of each other.
   The sign out front says “no bachelorette parties” and “no loud screaming or cheering”. I guess some measure of decorum must be met. Portland is known for the highest number of strip clubs per capita of any city in the USA. Strip clubs can serve alcohol IF THEY ALSO SERVE FOOD. So back behind the bar is a kitchen ready to serve up pub fare of a certain quality along with the booze and entertainment. What a concept!
   So the boys all come out when the show starts at 10 pm and then one by one they get their 10 to 15 minutes on stage. The first round was more of a tease, stripping down to underwear and slipping them down over the bum, then the second the subsequent rounds were whatever the market could bare. I couldn’t help notice that one dancer looked familiar, and it was only when I was walking to my car that I placed him as a Sean Cody model of a year or two ago. He was a star attraction (I am adding a photo I found on the internet). But the other boys were all super friendly, interactive while not on stage and on stage were not shy. A couple danced most of their set fully nude. Others were a little more coy.

Photo Source: Provided by Falkirk
Note from Mike: I do believe pic has been photoshop enhanced a bit. We'll look for an actual image and post here as well.

   The music was not too loud, the bartenders were handsome (in their underwear) and they served up drinks that were priced to make you feel like you were in a neighborhood bar, not a supercharged night club. I guess that sums up the experience. Portland’s Silverado is like Portland itself. It’s friendly, neighborhood kind of place. Everyone is welcome and everyone’s attributes are appreciated. Just come to town and enjoy the fun.

Note from Mike: Thanks Falkirk for being our eyes and ears in other locations. I hope to make it the Silverado. You're review tells me it is just the type of place that I will love!

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