Saturday, June 6, 2015

Club Review: The Corner Pocket
New Orleans, LA
The Boys On The Bar

Dancer: Joey ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   The Corner Pocket experience is like a specialty dish with a secret recipe that's been passed down through the years. It's had time to be tried, tested, and handcrafted with quality ingredients. The mere thought of it, makes your mouth water. All it takes is one bite and you're hooked. You eat every morsel until your plate is empty, and then return for more. In food talk, I'd compare it to Crawfish Etouffe, Jambalaya, or Gumbo with a little extra cayenne pepper, spicy and hot! The first night at The Corner Pocket was so delicious, that we arranged our schedule to stay and play a second night. In the words of Claudia, "I want some more."*

Dancers: Joey, Caleb ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   Upon entering the Corner Pocket we were greeted at the door by Grandpa Joe, as the boys call him. Make sure you take some time to get to know him during the night. It will be your gain. There are two main rooms to the public areas of the bar. The first room you enter has a rectangle shaped bar in the very center with stools spread all around it. The bartenders work from inside the rectangle and serve drinks that are priced comparable to those at other bars of this type. I want to thank bartender Anthony for introducing me to Abita beer. (I stopped at a Rouse on the way out of town and purchased some to take home with me.) The boys take turns dancing on the bar, three to four at a time. Their names are announced and they step up and make their way around each side, stopping and visiting with customers, receiving tips, and charming you with those New Orleans or N'ahlins' accents.

Dancer: Caleb ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   There were at least 15-20 dancers each night. And as we all know, it takes different strokes for different folks. (No pun intended). What I mean, is that there were a variety of different types of guys...twinks, athletes, some with hairy chest, stocky, slim, etc. And there was plenty of eye candy to make you smile whether you like to watch the boys walk toward you, or you prefer watching them walk away....or both. Which is one way of saying many of them were 'blessed' with ample endowments, or bubble butts, or both. As always, there are a few that tend to catch one's attention. On Thursday night, the majority of my tip money kept finding it's way into Zach's waisteband. (Zach in pic below). But I also enjoyed a little tip time with Joey, and Caleb. And I have to say, you have to spend some time with Caleb, his personality (among other things) will win you over. My partner was busy spreading his tips between Mike and Jerry, the boys with a little fur on their chests.

Dancer: Zach ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   On the second night, Jay and I were asked along with two other couples to be judges in the New Meat contest. There were nineteen boys in the competition and each were judged on three different categories. The DJ for the competition was Lisa Beaumann. Two winners emerge at the end, one who is considered the amateur or first-timer, and another who is the regular. It was a lot of fun and of course, we were getting all kinds of extra attention. Thank you gentlemen for allowing us the honor and pleasure of being judges. And of course, the second night we became fans of additional dancers. The favorite of the night for me was Mitch. Meet Mitch and you'll understand. He brings the complete package to the show. I also enjoyed watching and tipping Terry. What impressed me about these guys as well were the thank you's as we tipped. It matters. It works. Well, it always works on me. Jay enjoyed the attention of Kevin, and knowing Jay like I do, Kevin was the type of male dancer that Jay is always looking for to have fun. And he did.

Dancer: Mike ~ Photo Source: Corner Pocket

   I am not going to share in this blog any details of my tipping experiences. All I can tell you is that I kept mumbling phrases like, "Well, helloooo!" "Oh, my!" "Please come back by during your next session!" "Adorable!" "Mmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm!" It's been a long time since I've had this much fun! Special thanks to Michael and to Jeremy for your amazing hospitality!
   Everyone that likes to party finds their way to New Orleans at least once in their life. And for some of us, we return often (and even live there for a while). Be sure you find your way to the corner of St. Louis and Burgundy, and enter the Corner Pocket.
   Until next time, add a little extra hot sauce! And don't forget to tip the boyz!

*Claudia - The character from Interview With A Vampire

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