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It's A Naughty Job But Somebody Has To Do It At Somewhere! Male Stripper Contest - Another Reason To Love Ohio!

   My love for the state of Ohio has grown due to the amazing people I have found who work in the exotic male dancer industry or related businesses. I'm talking about people like Johnny Dangerously, Grayson L Knight-lites, Bryan Richardson (a.k.a. Abortia Clinique), Sterling Johnson, Gunner Calvin Scout and many more. I have become acquainted with great people in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, Lima and Akron. The state of Ohio is well represented in my blog readers, Facebook friends, and other social media. For this, I am grateful and have enjoyed getting to know many of you in a small way. Ohio has an amazing talent pool to draw from with just as amazing customers and fans who support them. And I can't speak highly enough about the bars and clubs that continually feature male dancers in their entertainment line ups. Thank you!!!
    This year I have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Kody Boggs, or as known on the stage, Redd Velvet. My first notice of Ms Velvet was in 2016 due to a male stripper competition that she hosted at Somewhere Dance & Nightclub in Lima. I was excited to see that someone had come up with the idea of hosting a local male stripper competition. Then followed through with planning, scheduling, promoting and selecting a winner! The name of the Somewhere competition is "The Next Magic Mike Contest". I would love to see this happen in cities across North America. There are many who hosts pageants of one type or another, and these are enjoyed by many customers. But there are very few opportunities that focus specifically on the male stripper. But the contest at Somewhere does, and I am honored to have been invited to be a judge at this year's competition to be held on Friday, October 12. It's a naughty job but somebody has to do it! (Insert **evil grin** here!)
Above: Redd Velvet and the boys!
    I recently spoke with Redd Velvet by phone to get all the juicy details about the upcoming competition. I wanted to know why it was started, how it is judged, who can enter, etc., etc... I wanted to know all about it and hopefully those in positions as movers and shakers can help start something similar in their local area. Also, for any male dancers interested in participating, please contact Kody and sign up. The contact information is below. I have condensed and/or edited the content down to 8 questions and answers in order to shorten the blog. It would have been easy for me to write several paragraphs more.
Q.1: When and why did you start the Next Magic Mike Contest?
Answer: The Next Magic Mike Contest was started at Somewhere in 2016. It is always held in October and was started as a way to find new talent in order to provide more entertainment variety for the club. I noticed that there were no area contests for just male strippers.
Q.2: What are the prizes for the winner and any others in the contest?
Answer: There are three prizes given for the contest. First Place receives $150, and 3 bookings during the next year at $150 (great opportunity)! Second Place receives $75, and 2 bookings at $75. And a third prize is Daddy's Choice which will be given to a favorite of a club patron. The recipient will receive $50.
Q.3: Is there an entry fee?
Answer: No.
Q.4: Who can be a contestant?
Answer: Anyone. Regular dancers, amateurs and transgender males.
Q.5: How does a male stripper sign up for the contest?
Answer: Contact me or one of the other judges. Then the night of the contest bring a flash drive, cell phone, etc., with two of your very best songs. Registration is at 8pm, don't be late, be ready.
Q.6: What are the criteria for judging the contestants?
Answer: The contestants are judged on creativity. For example, is there a theme? Are they able to set themselves apart and be different, or think out of the box? This could include things like physical feats such as flips, cartwheels, acrobatics, or even using a stripper pole (which they would need to bring). They are also judged on whether the music they have chosen matches their theme and their look. And then there are the basics such as their appearance. Do they look clean, smell clean...basically, are they presentable, and sexy. And also important is how well do they interact with the crowd.
Q.7: How are the judges chosen for the contest?
Answer: The judges are chosen because they are involved in the exotic male dancer entertainment industry in some way. Drag Queens who serve as hosts, or fellow entertainers at shows that feature male strippers are chosen to be judges. Also, show directors who book male strippers. And in your case, a blogger who features exotic male dancers in their blogs.
Q.8: How would you recommend a male stripper prepare for the contest?
Answer: Practice on stage, practice at home.... bring "everything" to the stage when they perform. They need to look their best, smell their best. They need to feel they've given all they have when they leave the stage. Show the audience that you have what it takes to be an entertainer. They are welcome to come in early and practice on the stage.
Above: Redd Velvet
    So folks, that's the meat and potatoes of it! It is truly a naughty job. I will be forced to sit and watch male strippers take their clothes off while moving their tight bodies to seductive music. There will be a moment, or two, or three where I'll have to sit and run my eyes over their scantily clad bodies. It will be tough but I'll have three ladies of the evening there for strength. No, not that kind of lady of the evening. They'll be joining me at the judges table. I'm talking about three amazing entertainers Kandy Warhol, Sabrina Caprice Heartt and Armani Devine.
Above: Redd Velvet and the boys at a show at MJ's in Dayton.
    As a fair and impartial judge I think it's only right that I tip each contestant. You know, just so I can get up close and personal and check things out. I mean, I want to do a good job at what I've been asked to do. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!

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