Thursday, July 8, 2010

Males Strippers As Sports Stars

   When the young athlete walked into the locker room, I was sitting on a bench getting dressed in the far corner. He stood about 5' 10" with piercing blue eyes, perfect white teeth, and dirty blond hair that dripped of sweat. As he walked, his tanned, muscle-toned body moved with confidence and solid footing. He wore tennis shoes and only a pair of gray gym shorts. The shorts were soaked from sweat starting at the waistband and moving down into his crotch. He sat down at a bench on the opposite side of the room, untied and removed his shoes and socks, then stood back up. With both hands at this side he began to slide down his gym shorts revealing a white jock strap underneath. He removed his shorts and turned with his back toward me. His bubble butt was framed by the straps of the jock. He bent over and placed his shoes, socks and shorts inside a gym bag. Was this show for me? I could only hope. He turned back around and with a quick move pulled his jock off. He was now nude and breath-taking. Mother nature had given him the superior gene pool and through his athletic life-style, he had created a body that even Mount Olympus would notice. He looked in my direction, gave a quick smile, nodded his head, and walked out of the room toward the showers. I looked to the sky and whispered "thank you" to no one in particular.

   The fantasy of the athlete is one that we can enjoy often in the American culture where various sports play a major role in our shared experiences. In the fall we watch football players. In Winter depending on where you live, there is basketball, skiing and hockey. In the Spring there is baseball and track and field. Dispersed at various times throughout the year you can also watch cycling, soccer, gymnastics, swimming and diving. These are but a few. At this point I think it is appropriate to pause and give a loud cheer for spandex uniforms.

   The exotic male dancer as athlete causes us to relive those past fantasies and create new ones. The jock strap has become a must-have for dancers, particularly those who know their ass is what bring in the tips. When a guy disciplines himself and goes to the gym as a part of a regular routine, and builds a great body we are impressed. When the same guy brings that body into our world, and dances, strips, and entertains us, well, we are truly grateful. Get out those dollar bills, boys and girls, and say "thank you" with cash. We always want to encourage those dancers who have built the bodies that we often wish we had!!! Now back away from the french fries, and get to the gym!!! Then send me pics.

   If you have enjoyed an exotic male dancer as an athlete, tell me about it in a comment after this blog. If football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or other sports uniforms do it for you, well, let us hear about it. Email me, or post a comment at the end of this blog. Until next time, I'll see you in the locker room. And then hopefully on the stage!

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