Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Save The Bulge - Gio to the front - Males In Motion February Obsession

   Every now and then there is a male dancer that makes you catch your breath. He possesses certain characteristics or physical attributes that make you want to stare. And you stare, not in a disrespectful, awkward way, but in a very appreciative, thankful way. You're thankful that he has chosen to be a male dancer and share those characteristics and physical attributes with us mere mortals, or fans. In this case, I am of course speaking of Gio, the male dancer who has captured our attention in so many ways.
   Please take a moment and look at one of the pics and look at his face. Yes, his handsome face, let your eyes stop where they are currently gazing and look at that handsome face. That face with those dark, soulful eyes, and those full kissable lips. Ok, thank you for taking that moment with me, now you can go back to looking at his bulge. Yes, we did notice and let's just say that we are experiencing a constant interruption of Gio related daydreams while trying to write this blog.
   Ok, so Mother Nature blessed him with a large bulge, but look what he has done with the rest of the package. I mean that chest, those arms, those abs, those thighs! Dang! We often see male dancers that will have some of these physical attributes but to possess all of them! This is why we have chosen Gio to be our Males In Motion Obsession for February.
   However, we'll admit, we've been obsessed with Gio for a while now. We first noticed him over a year ago from Facebook posts made by Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas. And since that time, we have followed his dick, I mean pics, faithfully and consistently with every post the club has made. Fortunately, he is featured in many of the pics that they use for advertising and promotion.
   As we mentioned above, you can find Gio dancing at Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas. I have yet to experience an evening sliding dollar bills in Gio's underwear but hope to soon. I did have a couple of my spies go there recently and they said he is quite impressive in person.
   I also know a fellow exotic male dancer fan who ranks Gio as one of the top. He lives in Vegas and gets to stop in at Piranha often. Of that, I am jealous. But never fear, I will make it. I'm not a gambler so I'll be spending my time tipping Gio and his fellow hottie go-go boys.

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   We felt a little R. Kelly would be appropriate for viewing the pics of Gio. Click play below and look back over the pics we've posted of Gio in this blog. We'll let you make your own interpretation of "I don't see nothin' wrong, with a little bump'n grind!" We've already interpreted it to fit our fantasy!
   The pic above is what started our whole obsession with Gio. And now that you've seen him, you'll have your own Gio obsession. When you find yourself in Las Vegas, make time to stop in and see Gio at Piranha Nightclub. Tip him a dollar for me and tell him Mike from Males In Motion says thanks for sharing! Until next time, take a few minutes and enjoy a Gio fantasy! And if you are not in Las Vegas, find a local bulge to support this week!

    2018 Males In Motion Obsessions

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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