Friday, February 16, 2018

Club Review: Chasers ~ Charlotte, NC


Photo Source: Chasers ~ Charlotte, NC
   I recently made a trip to Charlotte, NC. And of course, while in that fair city, as in all my travels, I seek out a club featuring male dancers. Chasers had been recommended to me by a close friend who had previously visited there. On this trip I made my way to Chasers. In their advertising you will often see the name Chasers NoDa. The NoDa stands for North Davidson Street which is an area of the city of Charlotte that is experiencing a renewal and renovation. A good friend of Chasers described it as "a growing area filled with quirkiness and artists and good food (about 4 blocks east of The Plaza)". After a thirteen hour ride in the car, I was ready for all of the above.
   I found Chasers easily and was directed to parking by an attendant outside the club. The entrance is on the parking lot side. I entered around 10:45pm and paid a $10.00 cover. I walked in to discover it was a special monthly urban night and the house was packed. This was a first for me, and a treat. I'm not often able to attend urban nights but those of you who know me, know that I was loving every minute of it. ***Evil Grin*** inserted here. The eye candy was very nice, both dancers and customers. As you walk into the door to the club there is a U shaped bar on the right. There were customers sitting in all the seats around it. I stepped up to the bar and ordered a Jack and Coke. The price was $7.00 and I gave a $2 tip.
   To the left of the bar was a raised seating area with tables and chairs. Just past the bar was an open area where several customers were dancing. Beyond that is a large stage area that takes up one corner of the back of the bar. It has two levels. On the top level at each end to the right and left is a dancer pole. There are other bars parallel to the floor beside each pole. The male dancers take turns swinging on the poles, and moving around on the bars. Some dancers would go to the lower area and move and bend over, etc., at the front of the stage. On the opposite corner of the stage is a sofa. The bar was packed so I made my way down toward the sofa and stood at the end so I could watch the dancers.
   There were five different dancers for the night. A dancer named French stopped by and talked with me for a few minutes. He has a great body and is sexy both to talk with and to watch as he dances. I stayed for a couple hours watching the dancers and then decided to come back the next night as well.
   On the second night, I chose not to drive so I could drink more if I wanted. So, I downloaded the Uber app and set up my first Uber ride. It went great. It was comfortable, inexpensive and no, I don't get any commission off of this from Uber. It just worked for me. I arrived at the club, paid the $10 cover, stopped at the bar for a drink and then found a seat at a table to the left. French was back this night and a couple of the dancers from the previous night, but there were several different dancers as well. A dancer named Juicy stopped by and introduced himself. We chatted a little while. It was a nice way to start the evening.
   I want to give a shout out to the DJs for the music that was played both nights. The music was perfect for the dancing boys and they were able to get into it. Once again I enjoyed the talents of French. I especially liked the white underwear he wore, and lets just say there was a nice bounce going on in the front.
   Later in the night I moved to the bar because a dancer I had been watching named Texas was dancing on the bar. He had a tight tatted body, and really knew how to dance. It was fun watching him, and of course, I had to move closer to tip him. He laid down across the bar and I slipped dollar bills into the waist of his underwear.
   Everyone at Chasers was friendly from customers, bartenders, dancers and staff. I felt welcomed. I relaxed, enjoyed my drinks, and definitely enjoyed the dancing boys. If you find yourself in Charlotte, NC or if you live in the area, I recommend that you make a visit to Chasers. I do recommend that if possible, you sit at the end of the bar. I enjoyed sitting there the best. I took another Uber back to the hotel and this time it was in a Lexus. Woot!
   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys! Tip them extra if they bounce a lot in the front, or if they lay down across the bar, or if they...
NOTE: Special thanks to "a friend of Chasers" for the videos.

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!


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