Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Tip Jar: Sexy Costumes - The Cowboy

Photo by Michael Hill for Males In Motion
    If a male dancer is dressed as a sexy cowboy in a performance where I am in the audience, I will be buckin' up to the stage to place my tips in less than 8 seconds. I grew up in an area where actual cowboys exist. I have even participated in a rodeo a time or two. It was in that environment that I developed my love for the cowboy hat, boots and a tight pair of Wranglers. Of course, when translating all of this into the world of the male stripper, Wranglers are most sexy when they are being seductively removed.
      There are 3 main elements that should be included in a cowboy costume: the cowboy hat, the cowboy boots, and a pair of underwear that sets it all off. I'll focus first on these three and then suggest other options that can be added.

The Cowboy Hat
    An authentic cowboy hat can be extremely expensive. Since this is a costume, I'd look for less expensive items. And the first thing you'll need to know is what size to buy. Click here for instructions on how to determine your size.
      I have purchased cowboy hats for costumes and photo shoots from Tractor Supply Co. and Spencer Gifts. If you sign up for the Spencer Gifts newsletter, you can get a coupon that will save you a few bucks on a purchase. I have searched through Amazon for items to feature in this blog.
      If you plan to buy only one hat, I recommend that you get an inexpensive brown or tan hat. You will be able to use it with different underwear or other costume items. The black hat will disappear in a dark bar and lose a lot of it's effect. In the old western movies the white hat was most often worn by the 'good guys'. You are a male stripper, you're image is best served by playing the 'bad boy'. So avoid the white hat, unless one is given to you for free.
      Other styles such as those with stars and stripes look good but limit your options. I recommend you hold off on purchasing one of these until after you have your basic brown or tan hat. Be careful on buying something very inexpensive. It will look cheap in your performance. Also, some of the cheapest cowboy hats look more like hats worn by tourists in sunny climates, and less like those worn by a cowboy.

Cowboy Boots
      Authentic cowboy boots will set you back mucho dinero! Unless you have the extra cash to spend, I suggest you seek a less expensive option. If you have no qualms about wearing footwear that someone else has previously worn, search Craigslist for cowboy boot options. Best option is to buy them from a friend, a retired male dancer, or even borrow them. I'd say skip the boot but it's such an integral part of the cowboy image.
    I recommend that you try to obtain a boot that matches your hat color. Also, if possible, stay away from boots with multiple colors. Cowboy boots come in every color under the rainbow. You don't want the boots to make your feet the stars of the show. You have other parts of your body where you would rather have the focus of the audience.

      Almost any style and color of underwear will work with the cowboy costume. I have personal opinions that I am going to share but it really depends on your audience and what will encourage them to tip. I like an all-American cowboy. So underwear with stars or the American flag works for me. Animal prints such as the cow are fun and can be a surprise to the audience. Remember that print will often camouflage the size of your penis. If you are proud of what you've been given, wear a solid color. If it is not your best asset, then you can use prints to disguise its actual size. And one last thing here, I personally think a dancer who is wearing only a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and underwear is sexy as hell!

Other Options
      Other options for accessories can include a bandana, rope, gloves, chaps, spurs and western belt buckle.
Photo by Michael Hill for Males In Motion
     If you decide to wear jeans to strip out of, add a belt with cowboy belt buckle (not shown in pic). The action of unbuckling a belt and pulling it out from the loops is sexy and suggestive. For the best audience response, make sure the jeans fit tight around the ass and snug in the crotch.

Photo by Michael Hill for Males In Motion
Possible Music Options
    Yeehaw! I hope the cowboy costume is one you will give a try. It's popular everywhere! If you are a customer/fan and like the cowboy costume, buy a few items and give as a gift costume to your favorite male dancer. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!


Photo Source: Males In Motion

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