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The Tip Jar: We've Got You Covered! - Twenty-One Fashion Ideas To Encourage Others To Tip

Photo Source: Michael Hill for Males In Motion
    The main focus of Males In Motion is to do our part in helping keep the exotic male dancer industry strong. Receiving tips is how the boys make their money. We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions for ways to increase the tips. Tipping is also fun for the customers as they place those dollars in the waistbands, socks, jock straps, armbands, etc.
    In this blog we have found a way that customers and dancers alike can play a roll in helping to increase the tips the male dancers can receive. We've featured 21 t-shirts that will turn your body into an advertising billboard for tipping! Most of the t-shirts are comical. By wearing one to the club, you become a subtle reminder that tipping is fun! Male strippers can wear one of these t-shirts in their act now and then, and remove it ever so seductively. This will provide a mental trigger to your audience to tip.
   "Make It Rain!" has long been the phrase for tipping a stripper well. Males In Motion is always in favor of taking care of the dancing boys with multiple dollar tips!

   "Dolla Dolla, Dolla Bill Ya'll!" is a comical nudge to encourage other customers and fans to tip the boyz!

   When I lived in New Orleans I remember going to a truck parade in Metairie during Mardi Gra. One of the trucks had a sign in the window that said, "Show me your tits!" And as he passed by a female standing next to me raised her t-shirt and did just that. "Show Me Your Tips" is a play on this phrase.

   This is one of my favorite shirts of the 21. I like the Ben Franklin graphics and the design of the shirt. Even on a weekend when cash is short, you can still feel like a big tipper.

   This t-shirt sends a message that is straight to the point. The wearer is either looking for cash or is bringing cash. You can stick the dollars right in here!

   This design catches your attention and puts a smile on your face. Remember all the times you've made a paper airplane? If a tipper wants to fold the dollars and fly them to the stage, hey, who cares right? As long as tips are being presented they'll be accepted through the air as well!

   Feel luxurious by covering yourself in one hundred dollar bills. Enjoy the daydream! Who knows, maybe you'll be the next lottery winner.

   Simply George. The George Washington is the common medium of exchange in the male strip club. Let's break it down to the basics. Ask your bartender to break a twenty or fifty while you're getting the first cocktail.

   Have you ever received or given a hundred dollar bill tip? With this t-shirt it lets it be known without question that money is the goal. And of course Ben looks pretty cool with the sunglasses.

   This is another of my favorites of the 21 t-shirts. This is another way to cover yourself in one hundred dollar bills. No one has to know that the roll of money in your pocket is all ones. The boys will still be happy to be tipped!

   This t-shirt has a different message depending on who is wearing it. If the customer is wearing it, then it can say, "Show me some attention and work it and I'll show my appreciation in tips". If the dancer is wearing it, it can say "I'm ready to make sure you are having a good time." Let's point out that it says "Hustle" and not "Hustler". But if you are wanting to tease, you don't have to tell anyone that.

   A subtle message with a great graphic of Ben Franklin. It's all about the money. Enough said.

   Size does matter. It's either what you are bringing to the show, or it's what you are taking home. If you are the customer, you're bringing it. If you are the male dancer, then when you head out the door to go home, this is what we want you to have in your pocket. Of course, in this case, bigger is better!

   We're all hoping for a healthy exotic male dancer industry. Over the past few years several clubs featuring male dancers have closed with fewer opening to take their place. Help keep the clubs healthy .... as a dancer, bring in the crowds. As a customer, spend your money at the bar and tip the boys! We say "Thank you" to everyone who works in the industry. Thanks for all you do to keep the boys dancing!

   "Just The Tip!" In this case, the message has a double meaning. The sexual entendre explains that we'll only put the tip in...and the rest of the phrase goes "I Promise". With the exotic male dancer, just the tip also sends a message that he's expecting a tip. I always say that if you want to continue to feast upon the eye candy while enjoying your favorite cocktail, tip the boys!

   A stack of money represents the rent, utilities, groceries, clothing, entertainment, desires... you know, all the things we have to pay for in life. It takes a lot of cash to pay for all these things. Most male dancers have a day job and stripping is a side job needed to supplement their income. Always tip your favorite dancers if you want to see them stay around. Male dancers come and go. Some for a week, and some for several years.

   I love the graphic on this t-shirt. And although in reality, money is one of the last things you want to put in your mouth. That stuff is dirty. However, I choose to take a more sexual view of this graphic and see oral activities beginning. Nobody does that do they? I mean oral activities with a male stripper? Hmmmm... We'll just leave that right there.

   "I'll Bring The Dollar Bills" It's always a good idea to be prepared. I know some male stripper fans who save their dollar bills when received. When they walk into the club, they are ready to start tipping. I applaud their commitment.

   Conversation starter. "If I had a dollar... I"d tip a male dancer." My only recommendation here is to stop by the atm for that cash and then have the bartender break big bills into ones. That is, unless you want to tip with big bills. That's always acceptable.

   "Support your local pole dancer!" I whole-heartedly support this tongue-in-cheek message. In many male strip clubs, pole dancing is the major entertainment. And then we all like the sexual connotation of "pole dancing". This t-shirt will score for whoever wears it.

   "Cash is King!" This message says it all. Tips are what grease the wheels to keep the exotic male dancer industry running. If there is no exchange of cash, there are no male dancers, no bartenders, and no clubs.

    Since we're playing the money game in this blog, I'm adding a few items to complete the theme. It's all in fun! So have fun with it!

   We've added one last item for the true exotic male dancer tipper. This gun will allow you to actually make it rain cash on the male dancer. It comes with play cash but yes, real cash does work in the gun. Go wild! Make it rain!

   Be a walking promotion for tipping the dancing boys. Keep the exotic male dancer industry strong. Thanks for all you do to keep the boys dancing. Until next time, go place some dollar bills in fantasy locations! And male dancers, if you see a customer wearing one of these t-shirts, please tell them thank you in a special way!

Photo Source: Michael Hill for Males In Motion

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