Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Bulge - 11 Social Media Finds Thru Oct 2 (NSFW)

Photo Source: 340 Nightclub in Pomona, CA
   In this edition of The Bulge you'll find helicopters on the loose. Take a moment and watch their blades go round and round. We've added some of our favorite bars, clubs and male dancers in this blog. We appreciate the smile they place on our face on a weekly basis. If you're at work, don't smile too big, or you'll get caught! They'll at least know you're up to something. Enjoy!
    The dancer in the pic above is from 340 Nightclub in Pomona, CA. Each week 340 features dancers with large equipment and the bubbleist butts around. We say thank you! They are admired and appreciated near and far.


    The NYC home of the Adonis Lounge has recently moved from Fairy Tail Lounge to Rocky's Pizza Bar & Restaurant at 460 W 34th Street, New York, NY. The men of Adonis Lounge perform at Rocky's on Saturday nights. (Note: Fairy Tail Lounge still has male dancers.)
    The Adonis Lounge is also at Atlas Social Club on Tuesday and Wednessday nights. Follow Atlas Social Club on Twitter (@atlassocialclub).


    I want to know the brand or at least the fabric of the underwear worn by these male dancers at Micky's in West Hollywood, CA. Every one of them is sporting a great 'vpl' (visual penis line). In this pic, we are particularly drawn to the dancer second from the right.


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Just checking

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    Zephrim of Men Of Skin in Kansas City is a sweetheart who knows how to get your attention with his smile and his other amazing assets. Last time I was in Kansas City, I may or may not have pinched his nipple.

   We've included pics of Willy the Kid before in our The Bulge blogs. I don't think anyone will complain if we feature him now and then. He is legendary. We're grateful to Male Strippers Unlimited for providing several videos of him on their site. Below is an ad that I use in some locations that features Willy The Kid. This shows one of the main reasons he is legendary.

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   I read a post from the dancer featured in this pic who said that the club where he was performing no longer allows the dancers to appear with only a towel, at least in this way. I'm always a fan of minimum coverage.

   Buffdaddy in NYC showcases some sexy male dancers and Jose is one of them. Follow Buffdaddy on twitter (@nudemaledancers) to see pics of some of their other male dancers.


   Nick DiCristina is a favorite in many circles. Of course, in this pic you can see one big reason why. There are many others. Catch him on Instagram for some very nice views (@nickdi41585).


    Watch the helicopter blades spin! In September, we became an advertising affiliate with Male Strippers Unlimited. Male Strippers Unlimited shows what most sites that feature male dancers do not! Click on the link or the ad at the bottom of this blog to see more.


    Another clip from Male Strippers Unlimited. Where are these clubs where almost anything goes?

   Thanks for reading the blog, or watching The Bulges bounce and asses wiggle. We hope you've enjoyed this edition of The Bulge. We'll post another one soon! Until then, don't forget to tip the dancing boys!


Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Male Dancer Resources:
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Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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