Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ginger Eddie - Males In Motion July Obsession

Photo Source: Eddie Eduardo Facebook      Photo by Abel Cruz
   I have been following Eddie Eduardo on social media for the past few years. And when I say follow, I'm there like a little kid sitting in the front row ready to see my current hero. He regularly posts pics and videos on Facebook or Instagram, and my fondness for him has steadily grown.

   In the beginning I remember that I was first captivated by his ginger red hair. And then that chest and those nipples, well once you've seen them, you don't forget them. Nor do you want to forget. I can go on about his physical attributes such as an amazing ass and ample package but I think you get the idea. I am a Eddie Eduardo "Ginger Eddie" fan!

   Eddie is a hard working male dancer and model. You'll often see him as the hot go-go boy keeping the crowd entertained. And because his skills and appearance is in demand, he travels around the world to perform at some of the biggest parties on the planet.

   I strongly encourage you to follow Eddie on Facebook and Instagram. Take a few minutes and look at all his pics and videos. He is amazing to watch. And oh so enjoyable to look at. I've placed a few in this blog just to make you thirsty.


@whitepartypalmsprings ❤️😘

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When I’m busy I gotta scroll up and find a pic I haven’t posted yet 🙈

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You’re such a fucking tease! Pervert #Matinee @matineeusa

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Photo Source: Eddie Eduardo Facebook      Photo taken at The Abbey, WeHo
   When he's not traveling around the world Eddie can be found dancing in and around Southern California. Originally from Brazil, Eddie is today a U.S. citizen who lives in the Los Angeles area. All we can say is Brazil's loss is definitely our gain!!!


#NewYork is a #love affair ❤️ #Gogo #Muscle #Fitness #PierDance #Pride

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Photo Source: Eddie Eduardo Facebook
   After viewing the videos and pics in this blog, I'm sure you understand why Eddie was chosen as the Males In Motion Obsession for July 2018. And I think you'll also understand when I say, he'll be one of our obsessions long after July has ended. If you are fortunate enough to see Eddie performing live, please tip him once or twice for me!


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Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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