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Tipping the Boys on The Boxes ~ Men Of Skin at Missie B's in Kansas City

Dancer: Tyson. Location: Missie B's - Kansas City, MO
   One of my favorite weekend getaways is an escape to Kansas City. I stay on the Kansas side and play on the Missouri side. My favorite place to stay is a Marriott Residence Inn at Legends Outlets Shopping Center in Kansas City, KS. You can literally walk out of your hotel room, step across the street and enjoy shopping and great restaurants. I am also a big fan of IKEA, and there is one in Merriam, KS, a few minutes from the hotel. I usually make the IKEA stop as I'm leaving the city on Sunday afternoon before heading back home. (Disclaimer here: I am not receiving any compensation, etc., from this hotel, the shopping center or IKEA. I just like this set up for a weekend getaway.)
   Dancer Roman above. Check out that bubble butt!
   When it's time to go out and play during the weekend, I drive across into Kansas City, MO and go to Missie B's to watch and tip the Men Of Skin. Missie B's is located on the corner of West 39th Street and Waddell Avenue. I always find parking either beside the building, or up the block on the street. Upon entering the front door, you will be met by a doorman who is collecting the door charge. On our latest visit, we were there on a Saturday night and the door charge was $10. Take the staircase across from the doorman up to the second floor. On the second floor you will find two bars and a dance floor. The dance floor had been renovated since our previous visit. The dance floor now has lighting that changes with the beat of the music. It was a great visual experience. They have also added two new boxes for male dancers making four different areas where male dancers can perform.
Dancer Reno above. The long lean sexy ginger!
   The drinks were an average cost for a club of this type. In the past I have had difficulty taking photos and/or videos at the club because our friend Jo Estep is always busy filling me with shots, normally of Fireball. But, on this visit, I am happy to say that I was able to resist her charms, and limited my intake to two shots and one adult beverage. Don't tell her but on the last visit, I kept secretly handing off my shots to Jay behind her back, and he got smashed but I was able to continue taking pics and videos of the dancing boys.
Dancer: Roman. Location: Missie B's - Kansas City, MO    Photo by: Jo Estep
   The male dancer situation at Missie B's is primarily the role of the gogo boy! The male dancers rotate on the boxes and stages and provide eye candy and sexy atmosphere to the club. On this visit, there were four different dancers: Roman, Reno, Pablo and Tyson. In this group there was a dancer to meet almost any attraction. Roman has an amazing bubble butt that keeps you mesmerized on the dance floor. I quite enjoyed watching the lights bounce off those amazing ass cheeks. Reno is the tall slim ginger who likes to wear underwear that triggers your fantasies. Pablo comes to have a good time and will pull you in with his smile, attitude...oh, and enjoy the leather! Tyson is the pretty boy with the chest we all want to travel across, and the bulge where we'll stop and visit.
Dancer Pablo above. Lovin' the leather!
   If you are looking for a place in KC to drink, dance and tip some hot male dancers, Missie B's is the place on Saturday nights. Everyone I've met there has always been friendly. They are glad to see you out and having fun. The bartenders are attentive and the drinks are strong like we like them.
Dancer: Tyson. Location: Missie B's - Kansas City, MO
   If you find yourself in KC or want to have a great weekend getaway, take our advice and do some shopping, dining, drinking and dancing! And if you are not a dancer, well, you'll fit in just fine sitting back and watching, then tipping the boys on the boxes. Until next time, keep sliding those dollar bills down those waistbands in fantasy locations!

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Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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