Monday, August 6, 2018

The Bulge - Social Media Finds Through August 6 (NSFW). Pics And Videos That Leave Very Little To The Imagination

   Welcome to the latest edition of The Bulge featuring pics and videos from social media that aren't safe for Facebook, Work or in certain company. I've covered the dancer's bits in the pic above from The Cafe in San Francisco, CA. You'll find the original at the end of the blog.
   Please take a few minutes and enjoy the pics and videos listed in the blog. Click on the pics to find many more in their respective social media locations. Be prepared to get all hot and bothered!

   DeAngelo Jackson, male dancer and porn star. Check out his twitter account and see every inch of his amazing body! And there are many inches to be discovered. (NSFW)

   Visiting Denver, CO any time soon! You might want to stop in at Boyztown and see their bulges bounce! Now say that three times "Boyztown Bulges Bounce!"

   Danny Montero is a male dancer/porn star (right in pic above). His adorable smile and amazing body keeps him! I recommend that you visit his Twitter account and get lost for a while. He is photogenic and has performed magic with some very creative photographers. Also, many samples of his 'work' are on display. From the pic can you guess his preferred 'position'?(NSFW)

   I love finding something a little different but still sexy and fun. One of Males In Motion's slogans is "Follow The Bouncing Balls!" Well, here you go! Don't get too close. You might poke your eye out. Oh, and they will turn around for those who prefer that view!

   Now this is what we're talking about! The bulge is alive and well, and moving freely as though it has a mind of its own. Makes me want to go to Swinging Richards, X-Room, Stockbar, or Dick's Cabaret. I'm remembering seeing something big and similar at each of those locations.

   Meanwhile in the U.K. it seems we've stepped into a contest with male dancers vying for some prize! A stage full of cock and ass! It's a male dancer fans dream!

   I hope you found something you could enjoy and get aroused about in this blog! These are just a few of the discoveries I made online during the past few weeks. Keep watching and I'll post another one soon! All of the blogs with this type of content are under the title "The Bulge"! If you've missed any in the past, go to the bottom of this blog and see the LABELS links. Click on "THE BULGE - SOCIAL MEDIA FINDS" and all of them will be pulled up together for you to go through. Thanks again for following Males In Motion New and Information, Until next time, don't forget to tip the Dancin' Boyz!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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