Sunday, February 6, 2011

Look what I found. Can I keep him? ~ Jay Roth ~ Exotic Male Dancer In New York City

   I can't help it. I find Jay Roth totally adorable. He is extremely sexy, always smiling with those perfect pearly whites, tight and compact body, great sense of humor, and he likes to run around mostly-naked. WOOHOO!
   My partner says, yes, I can keep him but I have to share! Well, I'm not sure what Jay would think about that but I'll at least keep him in an active fantasy. Let's see, should it be a leather theme with chest harness, leash and collar, or possibly pool boy, butler, pizza delivery boy, baseball player, medical doctor in scrubs, hmmmmm. Maybe I should just try them all out to see which one works best. (And don't try to tell me that you didn't just imagine him in all those fantasies for yourself.) Jay is an active participant in the themed parties of F*WORD at Club Splash in NYC on Friday nights. That might actually see Jay dressed in costume for one or more of those roles. Well, "dressed" may be a little bit much but his costume will fit the theme. (Ok, another Woohoo! is in order here!)

   Walk into any club or bar in North America and see Jay dancing on the bar like in the pic at left and you automatically know it's going to be a good night! By the time last call hits though, I would be flat broke without cab fare, having stuffed all my one dollar bills in the straps and pouch of that jock strap. How could I have gone through $500 so fast? (SMILE). I promise I would try to stand there and not stare with mouth open like a weird Melvin (insert perverted evil laugh here), I would attempt to work my way around the room, meeting and greeting, but always keeping an eye on the red pouch. He's definitely worth viewing from every angle possible. (Apologies to all Melvin's who are not weird.)

   And if I'm wanting to enjoy the view from every angle then this focus must also be explored. Bravo! Bravo! (I felt a cheer was in order. And I'd like to thank Jock Strap makers everywhere for this moment. Woot!) And look higher, no higher than that, keep going...look at the muscles in his back! Good job on the workouts Jay! Thanks for sharing. OK, I do apologize if I'm getting a bit giddy but it does happen to all gay men from time to time. I have friends that get giddy about celebrities but for me, I reserve that emotional charge for exotic male dancers like Jay Roth.

   Didn't I tell you he is adorable? Looks like I'll be watching the blue pouch too.

Photo Sources: Photographer Michael Bernal, Jay Roth's Facebook Albums




    Upcoming Appearances:
  • 2/15 Harder Candy Burlesque Show
  • 2/20 at RockBar for Buck - Daniel Nardicio's Party

   If you are planning a trip to Manhattan check Jay's Facebook page and find out where he'll be dancing. Like I said, you know it will be a good night if he's dancing on the bar. Tip him a dollar for me and tell him Mike from Males in Motion said WOOHOO!!! Until next time, tuck those dollar bills in the straps and pouches. And Jay, I know you're not a stray, but if you ever want to follow me home, I promise to keep you warm (I'll have to think about safe. *wink*). Adorable, I tell you...adorable!

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