Monday, February 20, 2012

The 9 Inches of Success
Inch One: Give Me Some Attention

   It's all about the exotic male dancer fan!  That's the most important concept for successful bars, clubs, events, or agencies that feature exotic male dancers.   It doesn't seem possible but Males In Motion has been around for nine years. I have visited many bars, clubs and events that feature exotic male dancers.  During 2012, I'll be posting the 9 inches or 9 characteristics I've found in most of the successful bars, club, or events where I've played! Those with the full nine inches are always the most successful! We begin in this blog with the first inch, "I Want Some Attention!".

   As a gay man who travels to see exotic male dancers around the U.S., North America, and ultimately the globe, I want it made clear.....I WANT ATTENTION FROM THE SEXY DANCING BOYZ!  Yes, I want some attention.  Is it clear yet, I want some attention from the hottie wearing little or no clothing. (I guess he doesn't have to be dancing if he has little or no clothing on....wait, I digress. Back to my point.)
   When I walk in the door of the establishment or event where you are dancing, let me know that I am visible and exist! From the perspective of the owner/manager/bartender/dancer, I am a potential source of income for your business and ultimately your pocket.  Therefore, it only stands to reason that I would be given some attention.  Greet me when I walk in the door, or when you notice I am in the club.

   We aren't desperate for attention.  We aren't hunchbacks.  We just enjoy exotic male dancers as entertainment.  I've often observed the male dancer who has an over-inflated sense of his importance in the scheme of things and waits for his adoring subjects to come and worship him....not going to happen here.  Or, I have seen those who spend more time looking in the mirror at themselves.  If they are really hot, they'll make a few tips.  But why make chump change when you can make a successful living by taking the time to provide a little stimulation to those with the cash in their wallets.
   Giving attention helps loosen the vice grip on the billfold and the cash can flow out from their pocket into your waistband.

  Here's a special note to owners/managers/bartenders,
...when the customers are happy, they will return...
when the customers are happy, they will stay around longer...
when the customers are happy they will drink more...
and when the customers are happy, they will tip more.

It's just practical human nature.  Now, to the fans/ me train them.  Tip those who provide attention, ignore those who are too wrapped up in themselves.  That will be a win-win for all of us!

   Until next time, give me this first inch and we'll work on inch two.


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