Monday, October 28, 2013

Ride The Go-Go Boy Wave
Been There, Done That!

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   The popularity of the go-go boy takes a nose dive about every five years. The club goers who were into the male dancers started going out at the age of 21 and often younger. After five years they are hitting their mid 20s and the novelty of the go-go boy has worn off. Many club goers in their mid to late 20s have moved on in their careers, have found long term partners, and are interested in spending their hard earned money in other ways.
   Unless the club managers, owners, show managers, and the dancers themselves, reinvent the club experience every few years, their popularity will fade and the new club goers who have just hit 21, will find their own clubs and their own experiences. This is often why clubs come and go, open and close, and change their names.

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital...Rio at Boxers N Briefs, St. Louis
   So, how does one reinvent themselves. I recommend that you stay fresh, and look for new ways to excite the crowd. Just like a DJ has to keep bringing in the new music, the go-go boy must bring in the new image. I recommend playing into fantasies. I love hot guys in underwear dancing for the crowd. And that is where you always start with your choice of underwear. But hey, after a while without any serious changes, the customers will start to develop the 'been there, done that' syndrome.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   I compare it to a female impersonator that I knew several years ago. After I had watched her perform several times within a year or so, I knew exactly what costumes she would wear, what songs she would perform, and what dance moves she would make during specific moments in the songs. I knew her routine as well as she did. It got old and I quit going to her performances. (If I met you within the past 7-8 years, then you are not this drag queen. lol)

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   For the go-go boy to reinvent himself I recommend using props and costumes. Like I said, start with a great pair of sexy underwear and then add a costume that fits the theme, holiday or event of the night. The costumes don't have to be much but adding a few details to the basic underwear could be the difference in having a great night in tips, or beginning to wonder if it is time to retire. You may think it's cliche but add the military look, the sports look (football, baseball), the police, leather, pizza delivery boy, professional in suit, doctor in lab coat, and of course, my favorite, the cowboy. There are so many others. Sometimes all you need is simply a hat. When you've come up with a new look, ask someone whose opinion you respect to tell you what they think. It's all about the tease.

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Use holidays and seasonal events for a reason to reinvent yourself. For Halloween, develop a new sexy costume every year. Play into the season for your fun and the fantasy of the fans/customers. For the Halloween party go all out! For the week before and during the week of the Halloween party it is ok to wear a costume, only a limited version of a costume. On the night of Halloween, make yourself memorable...encourage your fans to take your pic. You'll be posted all over facebook and gain some free publicity which could lead to tips at future gigs.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   There are many opportunities throughout the year to make a night memorable for the customers. Speak with the manager or a show manager and come up with ideas for the year. Take some time and plan costumes for New Year's Eve, Superbowl, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gra, opening of baseball season, Memorial Day, Graduation, Pride Celebrations, Independence Day, back to school, opening of football season, Olympic events, Veteran's Day, Flag day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all during the holidays, boss's day, etc.

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital...Buck Stone performing at Mojo's in Tulsa, OK
   For those weeks when there isn't a holiday or seasonal event, choose a costume theme...superheroes, military, police, sports, leather, farmer/country boy, tux and tails, lifeguard, construction worker, red party, white party, purple party, black party, circus, April showers shower shows, etc., and so much more. Be creative. I have been promoting the exotic male dancer for 10 years but more importantly I have been a fan for longer than that. Believe me, for fans like me, the costumes never get old.

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital...Blaze performing at Mojo's in Tulsa, OK
   Until next time, give me something fresh, exciting and tease me a little bit more. Play into my fantasies. I'll be waiting to tip.

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