Sunday, May 1, 2016

Follow The Bouncing Balls
Males In Motion

   Boing! Boing! Boing! I don't know about you but it does my ticker good to see bouncing balls. For those of you who've never heard the phrase "follow the bouncing ball", it originated with early classic cartoons that had a section where the audience in the theater was suppose to sing along. I may be singing or making other sounds, with the bouncing balls, but I can promise you, it has absolutely nothing to do with classic cartoons. But just for kicks, I've included a classic cartoon from You Tube at the bottom of this blog, so everyone will know where it all started.
   I've always gone way beyond following the bouncing balls. I tip here and there and everywhere. I enjoy private lap dances in VIP rooms. And I'll admit to copping a feel when I think I can get by with it. With this blog I bring all my experience together in announcing the Males In Motion new website where you can follow the bouncing balls in the United States and Canada. The new website at provides news and information for those who love to watch and tip the dancing boys!
   There are over 200 listings of bars and clubs in the United States and Canada where exotic male dancers are featured. We're talking about male strippers, pole dancers, go-go boys, male revues, and the naked kind that let it all swing free. Think of the Males In Motion website as the resource you need when you travel, or when you're looking for a fun night out but want some scenery. The dick dancer kind.
   And for the male dancers, we're listing any job opportunities that we find online or that have been submitted to us. You can click on the link and obtain the information you need for your next gig!
   On our about page you can find out how Males In Motion got started and where we're at today! And the website is full of pics of our Males In Motion models/dancers. Which one is your favorite Joey, Clay, Victor, Aspen, Conrad, or ... ???
   And should you ever want to contact us to ask a question or submit some feedback, go to our contact page and send me a message. I love hearing from other fans, dancers, managers, vendors, etc. As long as it is on the topic of Exotic Male Dancers, you'll find me ready to read and respond. Also, if we've missed one of your favorite bars or clubs with male dancers in our listing, let us know.
   Check us out at! Then follow the bouncing balls!

   As promised, below is the classic cartoon with the bouncing ball. The bouncing ball part starts at 3:36. In this particular cartoon, the toy soldier says, "...follow the bouncing ball."
   Until next time, put a little boing, boing, boing in your life! And don't forget to tip! If they're really bouncing, tip extra!

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