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Cheesecake Bliss And Farting Rainbows ~ Professionalism For The Male Stripper And Other Entertainers

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   A successful working relationship with club management, show directors, other entertainers, bartenders, DJs, etc., can be compared to the phases found in a relationship with the one you love. The initial phase of the working relationship is the honeymoon where you and the other party enjoy cheesecake bliss and fart rainbows every time you work together.

Photo Source: Bradley's on 7th ~ Tampa, FL
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   The next phase is the meat and potatoes, day-to-day making it work relationship. Successful relationships stay in this phase and grow into maturity. You may still feel giddy when you get together and you have a certain type of love for them. But if you are honest, there are times when you want to tear their fuckin' head off! But you work through it because you respect the person and the relationship. Those who can maintain this type of working relationship are those who have developed an attitude and the related actions of professionalism. They do what it takes to make it work. This results in a deeper and stronger relationship with the other person.

Photo Source: Beaux ~ San Francisco, CA   Photo by Mr. Pam
(This pic is here simple to encourage you to keep reading, and pointing the way.)
   In contrast, at this point the doomed relationships enter a downward spiral. Neither party can do anything right in the eyes of the other party. And of course, it's all the other person's fault. No common ground can been found, successful communication has ended, and all that is left is throwing shade, and laying blame. The rainbows turn to storm clouds and the cheesecake bliss becomes eat shit and die! Eventually, one party or both parties decide they can no longer work together!

Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal, QC, Canada
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   Sometime this past year I met a male dancer at a club where I like to visit whenever I can (dang, that could be every club with male dancers). This dancer had a nice body, pleasant personality and I enjoyed tipping him and talking to him that night. He said he really enjoyed working at the club. He talked about how everyone was so nice. He was happy to be dancing there and was making decent tips. Not long after that night, we became friends online.

Photo Source: Chippendales ~ Las Vegas, NV
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   A few months passed, and I saw he was online so I messaged him and asked how it was going. He then proceeded to give me this scathing review of how the club where I met him was being operated so poorly. He claimed the owners were treating him and the other dancers unfairly, etc. I let him ramble from one negativity to another, trying to insert some constructive suggestions on how to make it better. He didn't value any of the solutions that I suggested. Instead, he continued down a list of what was wrong with everything about the club and its management. He wasn't interested in finding a solution to any conflict or situation. It was easy to recognize which phase of the relationship he was in. He spent the majority of our conversation throwing shade and laying blame.

Photo Source: Club Extatis ~ Tijuana, Mexico
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   I always have one suggestion for someone like this, particularly when I know the actual reality of the situation. And in this case, I knew the reality didn't match his version of the story. I told him that he had a choice. No one was making him work at that location. He could leave at any time and never go back. And that if he was being treated that poorly, he needed to leave instead of being so miserable. Of course, he became silent which ended the online conversation. It wasn't long after this that I found out he was no longer dancing at the club. I am not sure if that was his choice or that of the club management. I didn't share our conversation with the club's management, that's not my place. I would have said something only if I felt the dancer might be a physical danger to someone.

Photo Source: Club 340 - Pomona, CA
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   But the story didn't end there. Recently, I visited this club again and guess who was dancing? What was my response? I ignored him. I refused to tip him or even acknowledge him when he came into the area of the club where I was sitting. Why did I do that? I have a positive and strong reputation in the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. I want to maintain that reputation for two reasons. First, because I have worked damn hard to build it. Second, in business your reputation is everything. I chose not to interact with this dancer because if he will tell untruths to me about the club where he works, then what would stop him from telling untruths about any interaction I have with him at the club or online.
   If you aren't inclined to act professionally because it is a part of your personal integrity, at least be willing to act professionally for the sake of protecting your source of income. When you act unprofessionally, you never know what doors of opportunity you could be closing. Because of this dancer's unprofessionalism, I will never consider hiring him for an event that I am producing. I will never consider contacting him about a modeling gig that I am conducting for male dancer online promotions. I am contacted all the time by club managers around North America asking for male dancers I can refer for their clubs and events. This dancer of course, will never be recommended by me.

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket - New Orleans, LA
(This pic is here because the Corner Pocket is one of my favorite clubs...and Jonathan, pictured dancer, is such a hottie!)
   Being in this business for fourteen years, I feel I have developed a certain level of wisdom about how it operates. I despise people who are in it to cause drama. Unless you are a very close friend of mine, and probably not then either, I don't really care about the drama that goes on at various clubs! Things happen. Sometimes people can't work together. That is the reality. But how you conduct yourself before, during and after that working relationship is the true measure of your character and professionalism. Please don't misunderstand, there have been bars, clubs and events that are mismanaged. The bottom line here is that mismanagement of this type cannot go on for very long. This business is too unforgiving to allow it. If it does continue, the bar, club or event will eventually be shutdown. Everyone can stop right now and think of a bar or club that has closed because of financial issues, personnel issues, health department issues, bad business decisions, etc. It's difficult to be a success in this business.

Photo Source: Southern Nights Tampa ~ Tampa, FL
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   I recommend that you choose your words carefully. Never vent your frustrations to customers, other dancers or staff members. Everyone has a bad night now and then. Find a friend who will listen and then forget. Sometimes we all have to blow off steam. Keep your words and actions above the gutter talk and maintain your professionalism. When you are angry, stay away from social media. Until next time, have a piece of cheesecake.

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