Friday, April 16, 2010

Male Strippers As Cowboys!

The Cowboy Fantasy
Featured artwork by Michael Breyette
Photos of International Hunks by Les Byerley

   Those of you who have read my blogs, articles, etc., have come to realize that I'm easy when it comes to exotic male dancers. And that's a good thing since I spend much of my life promoting go-go boys, male revues, male strip clubs, and any event that hires a male stripper to perform. I love my work!!!

   I'll take you a little deeper into my fantasy in this blog. If you put a cowboy hat on an exotic male stripper then I'm ruined for the night. I'll have no money left because it will all go in tips. This happened to me one Thursday night at Hunter's in the Chicago area. The dancer was in his early 20s, blond, blue eyes, great face, and hot body. He wore blue briefs, chaps, brown cowboy boots, and a straw cowboy hat. The hat was the type that is slightly rolled up on the sides. There is more to this fantasy but that's all you're going to get, at least publicly.

   What is it about the cowboy that makes women weak in the knees and gay men drool? I have actually thought about that question and I'm not sure of the correct answers but here is what I think. The cowboy represents that free, untamed spirit of the wild west. And that free spirit is only intensified by those lonely nights out on the range. That is, unless you have your own Brokeback Mountain arrangement. So, I surmise that we like the idea of the cowboy with those pent up needs just waiting for someone to take care of him. And of course, after we've had a few drinks at the bar, we can imagine all types of rodeo activities.

   I encourage all exotic male dancers to explore their inner cowboy. I promise that all you have to do is put the hat on and you'll get an immediate reaction. Add a few more western accessories (ropes, gloves, chaps, boots, spurs, etc.) and the tips will be flowing in. I advise against playing cowboy all night because the charm over the crowd might wear off. But coming out for one session as the long, tall man in the saddle will keep your act exciting, and is sure to please the crowd.

    Let me know if you have a favorite male dancer as cowboy story. Send me an email or comment on this blog. I want to hear if the cowboy fantasy works for you. Now, "git along little doggie".

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