Monday, April 26, 2010

What does it take to be a SUCCESSFUL Exotic Male Dancer?

   A hot body, right? Well, that does help but that is not the first thing that comes to mind for me. There are three main characteristics that bring success for an exotic male dancer: attitude, professionalism, and physical appearance.

   ATTITUDE: For me the number one characteristic that an exotic male dancer has to have is a great attitude, and those who have become truly successful possess one. As a dancer you come into contact with a variety of different types of people. For physical variety, you will be tipped and adored by men, women, the small, the large, the young, the old, and yes,sometimes even the "hottie" that you have had your eyes on. It is your responsibility to stay positive, upbeat, and sincerely have a good time. There are others who may be jealous and make rude comments. Keep a positive attitude. And remember as well, you are at a club or bar, and the guests will be drinking alcohol. Some people do not hold their liquor well and become evil bitches or raving madmen when drunk. Keep a positive attitude. We don't expect you to place yourself in harms way, but if you have to punch him out, smile while you are doing it... ok, just kidding on that part. Hopefully, there will be bouncers available to take care of those situations.

   Recognize that people are there for a variety of different reasons. They may have had a rough week and want to blow off a little steam. They may be celebrating some big event in their life or the life of friends. Or, they may just enjoy watching hot guys dancing wilth little or no clothing. Watch for signs of the event or activity and be a part of it. Contribute to their experience and make it a memorable night in a positive way.

   PROFESSIONALISM: Being an exotic male dancer is a profession, a job. Sometimes it is fun. Sometimes it is not. It is the dancer's responsibility to do everything they can to make sure the bar or club patrons are having a good time. Giving someone a little attention is often all it takes to make the difference in the quality of their experience. It is also the dancer's responsibility to commit to the agreement set between themselves and the bar or club managers. Show up on time. Work hard during your shift. And help the bar or club to be a huge success for everyone involved.

   Go that extra step and make your performances the best that you can. Look for costumes or clothing that contribute to the theme of the night. Or, clothing that gives you that something extra to make someone's eyes sparkle in the crowd. You are the show. Be the showman.

   PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: A hot body, great face, and ability to seductively move the body...well, yes, they are important and can contribute to much success as an exotic male dancer. However, if a dancer has all that but has a poor attitude, or is not professional, it will not be long before that beautiful body will be sent home packing. I have met dancers who were not in top shape physically who were successful because they had a great attitude and were very professional. However, let's be real, when you put all three ingredients together, you have a hot commodity that is valuable to the dancer's personal success as well as that of the bar, club or event.

   The title Exotic Male Dancer is called "dancer" for a reason. Now, I will be honest, there are times that I couldn't care less if the dancer knows how to dance or not. I'm perfectly happy to just stand there and look, tip, peek if I can get by with it, look some more, tip... well, you get the picture. But, I also remember the guys who can actually dance. And they catch my eye as well. And when they move, it fuels my fantasies. So, if you struggle with dance moves, or seductive motions, hire a coach. Watch those who can dance and pick up a few moves. It will serve you well, as well as make your session more exciting for the crowd.

   The patrons will leave your club, bar or event with memories and experiences that they are going to talk about. Did they have a good time? Are they going to tell their friends about you so that next week their friends will be tipping you as well? If I have had a good time at a club and remember a specific dancer, I will damn sure be looking for that dancer next time I enter the door. It's human nature. And please, make sure everyone has been welcomed. If possible, do not let a single person enter the club without speaking to them. It will improve their experience and most often improve your tips. If there is no reason why you should not, pose for pictures with the fans. The pics of fans with a male dancer in the middle and everyone is smiling having a good time speaks volumes. Or, a few fans with several dancers around them as in the pic from Labare Austin below.

   What do you think it takes to be a successful exotic male dancer? I'd like to know your thoughts. Send me an email or make a comment on this blog.

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