Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Minute Costume Ideas For Exotic Male Dancers

Costumes for exotic male dancers are in demand for Halloween events and at other times of the year. In an effort to assist the boyz, I have pulled a few pics from my archives for inspiration. Look at the pics
and see what others have worn in the past and find a place to start for your next costume. Then take your idea from there and make it your own. I tend to stick with classics because they work for me. However, if your crowd will respond to other ideas, that's the direction you should go. The costume ideas I've posted in this blog include items that are easy to find at discount stores, hardware stores, costume shops, etc.+ The Fireman
   The fireman (above) is a favorite exotic male dancer icon to many fans. In previous blogs I have written about the obvious sexual innuendos of the fireman with his big hose. In this pic, these hot
guys have put together a fun costume rather inexpensively. The toy hats can be found at costume shops. They've marked out the
emblems on the front. You can do the same or create your own fire department emblem. Click here to find the yellow rain coat pants. Search online for a pair of red suspenders. Add a pair of black boots and you are ready to go. And don't forget to wear something excitingly sexy underneath...or, wear nothing at all.

Chippendale Dancer
   A definite classic for an exotic male stripper is something similar to the basic Chippendale's costume. Put together a pair of sexy briefs, boxer briefs, etc. and add a bowtie. More elaborate costumes with collars and cuffs can also be found. A bowtie can usually be found in a costume shop.

Island Boy
   The island boy, cabana boy, or luau party idea at right is sexy and easy. The pretty boy in the pic is wearing a puka shell necklace. You could also wear a fake, or real lei garland necklace. A flower print towel or piece of fabric can serve as the skirt portion of the costume. Wear a pair of sandals or flip-flops to complete the look. A possible accessory could include a hollowed out coconut with a straw to serve as your beverage container. What you wear or don't wear underneath is all up to you!


Construction Worker #1:
   A simple and inexpensive costume, yet sexy with the right body type is the rugged construction worker. A pair of painter overalls, a hard hat, gloves and boots can create the image of the man's man who works with his hands. I mean think about it, don't you like a man who is good with his hands?


Construction Worker #2:
This version of the construction worker will work well for all body types. A sleeveless, or unbuttoned shirt, a pair of cut off blue jeans, gloves, and boots all create the look of a hard working man who likes to play when off the clock. Punch your time card and head to the club.

Genni #1
   This costume is simple, and there is very little to it. If you have a body that needs to be displayed for all to see, then this is a perfect choice for you. The costume has three major parts, a turban on the head, a vest, and a pair of bikini briefs. I suggest you do not wear shoes unless you can find costume shoes that will enhance the look. Since the Genni represents granting wishes, I recommend a pair of metallic bikini briefs that suggest gold, silver, copper, or wealth of some type. For the turban, do a google search for 'tying a turban'. Purchase a piece of cloth large enough to be tied on your head. Find cloth that has a metallic sheen, or metallic look embroidery in it, etc. The vest in the pic is made of chains. If
you are creative and can create your own, you can find inexpensive chain in craft stores. However, search a costume store, flea market, etc., for a vest that will fit. If it is plain, paint it with metallic cloth paint which can be found at craft stores. Add a couple of inexpensive gold bracelets, rings, etc., for a richer look. With a costume like this, you'll have your choice of which wishes you want to grant for the night.
Genni #2:
   This Genni costume is not so easy to put together but I thought it was so damn sexy that I wanted to show the pic anyway. This may be a choice for a future event. This might require a good tailor or seamstress. When the event allows the "boys" to be put on display, this costume will be a definite hit at the party.

Leather Sir
   If you or a friend enjoy the leather lifestyle, leather can be a sexy and quick option. A costume like the one shown at left suggest a fun night is ahead with the possibility of a little danger thrown in. It is not an inexpensive option, however, but as suggested, if you can borrow the pieces from a friend for the night, leather is a good option for
any costume event.

Hillbilly Country Boy
   Ok, look at the pic at left. This guy is wearing a simple pair of overalls. He looks sexy as hell. Of course, he has a super hot body and that helps. But think about the fun you can have hooking and unhooking the shoulder straps of the overalls and revealing enough to keep the night interesting. For the full effect, add a straw hat, and of course, you have to go barefooted. Who wouldn't want to have a 'roll-in-the-hay with you?

   Regular readers of my blogs already know that the cowboy image is definitely one of my favorites. For this look, as long as you have the cowboy hat, you can go in many different directions. I suggest you borrow the hat from a friend, rent it from a costume shop,
or purchase an inexpensive straw cowboy hat. Authentic felt cowboy hats can be very expensive. If you have a
source for western wear,
there are chaps, gloves, boots, vests, bandanas, and more
that can be added. However,
if your budget is more like mine, I suggest going minimal. Add a pair of bikini briefs in a bright color and a matching bandana scarf around the neck. If you own or can borrow a pair of cowboy boots, that is enough for a hot cowboy and any male stripper fan will appreciate the minimal clothing look. Climb in the saddle and have a fun night!
   I hope these suggestions will inspire you to create something memorable even if it is a last minute idea. Sometimes the ideas created under the crunch turn out to be the best. Have a great Halloween or special event! Until next time, tip the boyz a little extra who have stepped up and are wearing those sexy, creative costumes!

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