Sunday, October 30, 2011

Expose Yourself! ~ Using Online Photos To Increase Tips For Exotic Male Dancers

   You're in it for the money! Let's establish that fact from the very beginning. The money that can be given to the exotic male dancer is in the pockets of the audience, crowd, fans, managers, owners, agents, etc. So, if you are wanting more of that money transferred into your pocket through tips, then this blog is for you. Digital pics of you doing your thing on the stage, dance floor, bar, etc., will have an impact on your tips. How? You might ask. The power of visual promotion, that is how.
(In pic above: Jay Roth Photo by Michael Bernal)

   In advertising and promotion, words or copy are used to promote the product or service. There will be a catch phrase, or advertising hook that will catch your attention and then descriptions of how that product or service will improve or enhance your life. Add a music jingle that gets stuck in your head and you sing it throughout the day and the advertisers have done their job at introducing the product or service. But for maximum impact, you need visual stimulation. That is why many music artists spend so much money on their music videos. That is why so much money is spent in fashion photography. That is why the Super Bowl commercials are always so fun and/or outrageous. ( Photo by Damon Frazier)

    The same principles apply to promoting the exotic male dancer. The fact that almost every party goer owns a smart phone, or at the very minimum, a phone that can take and send pics, creates a free promotional tool that you can use to your advantage. First, dress to encourage picture taking. My motto, "Show some skin and they will come in." Wear something that is sexy, puts the junk on display, and gets attention. Encourage fans to take pics. Ask them to take a picture of you standing with one or more of their friends. Then let them know your facebook dancer page (separate from your 'my family' page). Ask them to tag you in the pic. This will let all your friends and all their friends see the pics and give you free promotion. That pic will most often be posted and tagged as soon as it has been taken. ( Photo by Ken Brown)

   Make sure you always have good quality pics of you dancing to post online or use in advertising. Have a friend who is a good photographer take pics of you while dancing. They do not have to be a professional, just someone who can take decent pics with their phone or camera. Also, once again, be sure you wear something very sexy. Use only the best of the final pics, and by best I mean, most revealing, sensual photos in the group. If you aren't sure which ones to use, ask a fan, friends, etc., to help you pick out a few. I like to see photos of dancers who are dancing, not posing. If you are doing a photoshoot then a set of studio type pics are alright for a profile pic, or other promotional situations. But for me, I like to see a dancer in motion...'males in motion' if you will. You can view a few of the pics I have done in different situations on my facebook photography page. **CLICK HERE**. ( Photo by Michael Hill)

   If you are a dancer and would like promotional photos while dancing (no charge), let me know and when I visit your area, I will contact you. I also provide studio sessions for only $75. I have a mobile studio that I bring with me whenever I travel for this purpose. The studio session includes up to 5 costumes changes, maximum two hour session, and a minimum of 20 possible poses to use for promotional purposes. The reason for the low fee of only $75 is I also request the use of one or more pics for Males In Motion projects. Your name appears with every use. You get free promotion on my website and/or blogs as per our final agreement, and I get good quality photos of hot male dancers for use in my promotions. It's a win, win situation for both! Email me today for more details!( Photo by Michael Hill Location: Mojo's ~ Tulsa, OK)

   I recommend these photographers in the following areas. Click their name to go to their facebook pages.

New York, NY ~ Michael Bernal
Chicago, IL ~ Ken Brown
Dallas, TX ~ Damon Frazier

   Until next time, I'll look for you on facebook and then tip in the club!

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