Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Like It Real, Raw and Gritty!
Show The Reality!

   I like it real! I like it raw! And I like it gritty! That could apply to many things but for me, and for this blog, it applies to a night at a male strip club or club with exotic male dancers. As a customer, a fan, or club patron, I want the male dancers to be just a bit naughty and tease the hell out of the customers, make them all go home wanting more. I want them to strip down and wear the least they can wear by law in that given location, and flaunt what mother nature has given them.
   What do I mean by real? I have watched a move online toward slicker graphics in advertising, images with seemingly perfect bodies, some enhanced through creative photo shop expertise, and dazzling light displays in facilities that look more like a Disneyland attraction. Don't get me wrong, they have their place and many customers enjoy them. And the enjoyment for the customer is what it's all about. But for me, I want to go where I feel like I might possibly be doing something I shouldn't be doing. You know, the feeling like I might get caught with my pants down, or should I say, the dancer's pants down. I want to feel like I'm slipping out for the night and might get into some kind of trouble, preferably trouble with some hot, young male dancer. And when I check out a website, facebook page, instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc., I want to see images that reflect the actual dancers at a location, even if they aren't greek gods. I want to know what kind of trouble I might get into before I arrive, even if it's only in my fantasies.
   What do I mean by raw? I want to see the uncensored, uncut version of what is actually going on at a bar, club or private party. Through the pics I want to experience the event vicariously. I like pics of male dancers actually dancing, swinging on the pole, receiving tips, etc., rather than huddled together in a group like they are taking a high school club photo. The scripted viewing of a Broadway or other theater production is great and serves it's audience well. But show me through your videos and digital images the exotic male dancers who are sweating because the room is hot. Show me the customer who is sneaking in an ass squeeze with one hand while tipping with the other. Show me a lap dance where the male dancer is getting into the customer as much as the customer is getting into the male dancer. I like to see those uncontrolled moments that make an event unique and real....uncensored.
What do I mean by gritty? Remove the fake gloss. Remove the slickness. Send the bad boys my way. I most enjoy the male dancers who like being a dancer; enjoy all the attention they get; have worked to build and maintain a decent body; and are exhibitionist at heart. They are comfortable in their own skin and know how to work it. They know how to play the game. And my game is this...they give me attention, a lot of tease, a possible...(shhh, this part is between me and them), and I in turn give them my hard earned cash in tips, carefully placed in places they allow me to go.
   Until next time, make it real, raw and gritty! I'll see you there. And please, don't forget to tip the 'bad boys'!
(Special thanks to C Marcelo for the photos used in this blog.)

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