Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Penis Bandana
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(Photo Source: Unknown)
   Recently one of the members of an online exotic male dancer fan group that I am associated with posted a pic of a young man covering his male essentials with a bandana. I have posted the pic above. The group questioned the location of this pic as to whether it might be in New Orleans or in the Keys of Florida. Most of the group seemed to think it was from the Keys. The discussion brought back a memory of a pic taken by Ken Brown, a photographer in Chicago a couple of years ago. In this pic, below, the male dancer has used the bandana in a similar fashion.

(Photo Source: Ken Brown Photography
   I decided to post this mini-blog to make a request that exotic male dancers every where unite and wear your penis bandana with pride, for pride, to show pride, to be proud....oh hell, I don't care why you wear it. I'd just like to see more of you wearing them. Personally, I think the look is hot, and I think there should be more penis bandanas every where.

(Photo Source: Wilson Models
   There are those times when the **hoo-haw (see definition at end of blog) has to be covered. For those moments, I always recommend the barest, smallest, tiniest piece of costuming required. I think the penis bandana serves this purpose. It's also an unbelievably major tease as well. And the tease is what being a male stripper is all about! Your fans will thank you as I do now. Until next time, let's empty the stores of bandanas. And if I am at a club and a male dancer wears a penis bandana, I promise to tip double.

(Photo Source: Mark's List
**From The MIM Reference Book: Hoo-Haw - Located in the groin area of the male body. In the vernacular often referred to as the penis, dick, junk, schlong, johnson, rod, my pony, big Mike, and many others too numerous to list.
Post Blog Photo    After this blog was posted I found this pic online and decided to add it for your enjoyment.

(Photo Source: Somewhere on facebook)
   Wilson Models blog featured this use of the penis bandana in one of their blogs.

(Photo Source: Wilson Models

(Photo Source: Posted in Facebook by Cobalt)

(Photo Source: JC from the Xroom in Springfield, MA

(Photo Source: Photographer Kevin McDermott

(Photo Source: Facebook Wall Post of Jay Diamond

(Photo Source: Somewhere on Flickr)

(Photo Source:
Chris Harder on Facebook)

(Photo Source: Barrel87)

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Secret Facebook Group.. posted by Cobalt)



  1. the picture of the white boy with the white bandana covering his dick is from Key West, FL at the bourbon street bar. i danced with him.

    1. Thanks for the info Cody. That's settles it...Key West it is!

    2. You're right Cody, its 801 Bourbon in Key West. His name is Justin. He danced there for a few years with a couple of other hot boys pictured here. Justin's stage dances were so hot. He would strip down to just a bandana and believe me there is a LOT of bounce in that bandana. And his ass is incredible! What a bubble!. Sadly they have all left, but what memories!

  2. Where can I get some more pics of this guy?

    1. Which guy? If you're talking about the one mentioned in the comment above, I don't know where you would find any. Also, this blog is 2 years old, he probably isn't dancing any longer. Most exotic male dancers have a short career.