Friday, March 8, 2013

Bryce Adonis ~ Beyond The Hot Body!

   Let's just get it out of the way at the very beginning! Bryce is hot! He has a hot, sexy body! That's a given! And even though it's not needed, I can back it up with facts. He performs on a regular basis at one all-nude male strip club, and one that features some of the hottest men in the industry. So, you can't just get up off the sofa and walk into a club like that and get regular bookings. No, you have to have the goods to get you in the door. And Bryce has the goods!

   Now, let's move on beyond the hot body. Bryce is a smart-ass, but the fun kind. He can have an acid tongue that will make you laugh. He is real and respects others that are real. (Remember all of this. These are tips to help you get in his pants. Oh but I forget, when he performs he often doesn't wear pants. And when he is not wearing pants, he has a great body...............................oh, sorry, got distracted for a moment.)

   I love it when this guy smiles. It's sexy and brings the party to the room. You don't have to believe me, I can provide personal accounts from others who have definitely placed Bryce on their A-list of exotic male dancers.

   Bryce performs at Club Xstatic in Springfield, MA and at The Adonis Lounge in New York City. I have featured Club Xstatic in a blog before. The Adonis Lounge has moved to a new location and is getting a lot of attention these days.

   Bryce of course, is not the only exotic male dancer at Club Xstatic or The Adonis Lounge but he's definitely one of our favorites. If you are going to be in either city, check out the club and spend some quality time with Bryce. You'll be glad you did. And when you do, tell him Mike from Males In Motion recommended him (and his hot body) and says hi.

   I'm currently trying to talk Bryce into doing a multi-city tour at some of my favorite clubs in the midwest and south. I think I've almost got him talked into it. If you experience the pleasure of getting to tip Bryce in person, please add a dollar for me. Place mine on the back side so I know you saw his cute butt. Until next time, if I forget, please remove the leash and unlock the leather collar from around his neck.......oh wait, that really didn't happen. Sorry, that was just something I was daydreaming about. Don't forget to tip Bryce and all the boyz!!!

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