Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make Us Have Naughty Daydreams Later

(Photo Source: Club Cobra LA On Facebook)
   You will never hear me complain about a hot male dancer in sexy underwear. Sexy underwear in a variety of styles and colors is always a pleasure to see on the dancers. And I never get tired of strategically placing tips in the waistbands of said underwear. My only complaint is that I sometimes run out of dollars. With this blog, I want to encourage male dancers to enhance their performances by being creative and playing into our fantasies by going a step beyond the underwear. I want to see them add costume accessories, or props that draw us in and make us have 'naughty' daydreams.

(Photo Source: XL Nightclub NYC On Facebook)
   Why should you take your performance to the next level? First, to keep yourself from getting bored. A lot of dancers burn out and if you are doing the same exact thing, night after night, burn out is sure to happen. Second, the customers, like me, are going to get bored. We live in an instant gratification society. I may think you're the hottest male dancer I have seen in years. But if I spend much time around you, I will soon reach a saturation level and I will be on to the next hottest male dancer I've seen in years. Keep me guessing what you're going to do next. If I know you're going to come out and swing around and around a pole, then move to a small stage and shuffle your feet, well, the first couple of times that may be enough for me. But soon, I am going to want something more.

(Photo Source: Jay Fuentes Photographer Dallas On Facebook)
   So what do I want? What do I want that is more than a male dancer wearing hot underwear? I want cowboys. Yes, I want you out there in a pair of cowboy boots, fit-you-ever-so-tight underwear, and a cowboy hat. That's the fantasy I like. So, if you'll add a cowboy hat and boots to your performance, I will be tipping more. I'm motivated to encourage you to keep dressing like a cowboy. For an example, read my blog review of BJsNXs in Dallas, TX. Note the part where I talk about the dancer Chance and his cowboy look.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion)
   Another option is a construction worker. Step onto the stage in a hard hat, gloves, boots, and a jockstrap and I'm going to remember you. I'm also going to be up out of my seat tipping you. And tips are what you're working for, right? And if it's not legal to wear that jockstrap alone, then wear something on top of it, and every now and then show it to me and let me know it's there. Yep, that will do it for me.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion)
   Other fantasies include costumes for a policeman, an army camo look, a hot sir or boy in leather, superheroes, and don't forget the athletes, baseball and football are particular favorites of mine. Inexpensive costume accessories can be purchased on ebay. It doesn't take much to add a spark of fantasy to what you are wearing. Yes, we'll still tip if you're wearing underwear only, but if you want us to remember you and look forward to the next show, then make us wonder what sexy costume you'll be wearing the next time we see you.

(Photo Source: Global Male)
   At this point I feel it necessary to clarify something about what I am suggesting here. I like exotic MALE dancers who use costume accessories to enhance the masculine image. I'm not talking about male dancers who would rather be female illusionist and reflect such in their costumes. Now, I have no beef with drag queens. They have their place in the entertainment world, however, for me the two should not mix, at least not at the same time. If you are a drag queen on a different night, then for me, I ask that you keep that alter-ego hidden, an exotic male dancer with make up, rhinestones, and choreography better suited for a diva, puts out my inner fire and doesn't rank high in my need-to-tip meter. (And there will be no place for you in my later naughty daydreams.) My response will be to sit in my chair until a male dancer reignites that fire. Now, that's just me, I am sure there are other customers who might like a little feminine touch but if I wanted that, I'd be going to the nearest titty bar.

(Photo Source: Ethan ~ Exotic Male Dancer ~ Chicago Facebook Page)
   Thanks for the daydreams. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! And if they have stepped up their game and have added a costume or two, tip them extra! Tell them Mike from Males In Motion says 'THANK YOU!"



Photo Source: Males In Motion

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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