Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All-Nude Stockbar ~ Montreal!
You Had Me At "Nude"

   When I first stumbled across the men of Stockbar in Montreal several years ago, it wasn't that the male dancers were mostly sexy French Canadian men that initially captured my attention. It wasn't just that I could go online and watch them dance every night in the comfort and privacy of my home, although I was impressed by that. And it wasn't just that they were all gorgeous, well-built, and seductive as hell as they danced. No, I am a simple gay man. It was that they were NUDE.
Yes, male nakedness was the drawing card that motivated me to purchase my first monthly subscription to the website. I do not currently live in a major North American city. Therefore my options for seeing exotic male dancers of the calibre found at Stockbar is limited. So, when traveling to a major city is not on the itinerary, I subscribe to the Stockbar nude dancer website to fill in any shortfalls that might occur at my local level.
   So, you might ask why would I want to spend money to watch naked men dance online? Of course, my gut response to that is "duh", but I have been a fan of male strippers almost as long as I have been breathing. I love the tease of the slow reveal, removing clothing one piece at a time synchronized with sexually charged music. I love the sly smiles of the dancers as they show you glimpses of 'the boyz' before they remove their underwear to show it all. It's the build up to the final "HELLO" that keeps me watching and keeps me interested. I find this when I watch the men of Stockbar. And yes, they are well-endowed and have large penises too. There, are you satisfied? lol.
   I an posting a few pics of some of the current dancers at Stockbar in this blog for your enjoyment. Click on any of the pics to visit the Stockbar website.
   If you don't already, I think you'll see what all the fuss is about. Until next time, give nudity a fighting chance. Support your local all-nude male strip club! (Or drive to the nearest large city where one is located.) Or, check out the Stockbar online and enjoy!
   And just so you know I'm not all tease with this blog. Here's Randy, a Stockbar male dancer, nude. Yes, he had me at "nude"! WOOT!

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  1. Nice post, Stock bar sure has some of the hottest dancers ever and they have a website with live cams on stage.

    1. Yes, there are some really hot dancers. And even though some come and go, there is always new hotties to take their places. Glad you're a fan Roy. So am I.