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How To Become An Exotic Male Dancer
Step One: Evaluate Your Look
Seeing Is Believing!

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)
   Seeing is believing! That pretty much sums it up when you ask fans how they like a particular male dancer or club where exotic male dancers perform. We attend shows and performances for the purpose of SEEING the boyz! When I walk into a club with male dancers I do a quick scan around to see if there is a dancer that catches my attention. In other words, do I see a dancer that I am attracted to and want to spend some time with (and tip)? My first impression is based on what I see.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar ~ New York)
   In 2010, I wrote a two-part blog entitled "10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Exotic Male Dancer". It has been one of the most popular blogs I have written. Since there is a demand for the information it contains, I have decided to do a series of blogs updating and expanding on the 10 points.

(Photo Source: G Lounge ~ New York)
   The first step of the ten is "Evaluate Your Look". As I've stated above, the first thing fans do is evaluate what they see. The exotic male dancer must determine their strongest features and learn to emphasize them. Check out your body, do you have a great face? Sexy smile? Defined abs? Bubble butt? Are you hung? What are your strong features? If you aren't sure, think back and ask yourself what others have told you looks good.

(Photo Source: Eleven ~ West Hollywood, CA)
   When evaluting your look, keep in mind that being a successful dancer is more about the specific tastes of the fans than about the fitness level of the male dancer. Let's make it clear that you do not have to be the Adonis. There are fans who love guys who are a little fuller, or who are hairy. There are fans who love guys with tattoos. There are fans who like a more mature man, in this case we'll say mature is 40s and up. There are fans who like dancers who are 'bears', leather daddies, etc. Body builders are popular with some. If there is an audience that likes and supports the dancer, then he is successful.

(Photo Source: Rich's ~ San Diego)
   At the same time, let's do a reality check. The most popular and most hired exotic male dancers are those who are in their 20s and 30s who are athletic without being too muscular, good looking, hung and have a bubble butt. That is because they can fit the general tastes of many different audiences.

(Photo Source: Chippendales ~ Las Vegas)
   Where do you fit in? Are you the popular Adonis who will be hired for many different gigs? Are you the niche dancer who is popular with specific audiences who like certain types? With a few adjustments from time to time, you may be able to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

(Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal)
   The career of an exotic male dancer is usually short-lived from one night to several months. There are those who have been performing for a few years but that is rare. For that reason, I suggest that you never do anything drastic such as plastic surgery, etc. I do recommend however, that a male dancer maintain a fit body through a consistent work out routine. Keep yourself marketable. Find out what dancers are popular in your area and create the body and look that appeals to the audience. Or, the best option, seek an audience that likes your look. Most often simply having a little charm and courtesy for the fans will help you build your own fan base.

(Photo Source: Rich's ~ San Diego)
   I'll discuss more about the look of the exotic male dancer in future blogs. Until next time, I only have eyes for you. Keep capturing my attention and I'll keep tipping.

(Continuation of this series: My Favorite Things ~ Evaluate Your Look!)

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