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My Favorite Things
How To Become An Exotic Male Dancer
Step One: Evaluate Your Look (Continued)

(Photo Source: Luis Gomez Presents ~ New York)
   When it comes to Exotic Male Dancers, what are my favorite things? I must first ask the forgiveness of Rogers and Hammerstein and the great Julie Andrews for taking liberties with "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. But this is Mike's Males In Motion version of the lyrics to the song:
Ample endowments with toned and tight asses
Athletic movements for the lads and the lasses
Bright colored jockstraps, thongs and g-strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Near nude in poses and experts at teasing
Hints of more playtime that ends with my pleasing
Sliding the dollars in regions of Kings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cowboy boots and hat
Make my wallet flat
Give me just a peak
Tipping male strippers is my favorite thing
And I will be back next week

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(Photo Source: Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans)
   Ok, so I won't be hired as a lyricist but I do know my favorite things when it comes to male strippers. This blog continues the series on 'How To Become An Exotic Male Dancer...Step One: Evaluate Your Look.' If you haven't already, please read the previous blog in this series.
   In the previous blog I made it clear that exotic male dancers of all shapes and sizes can be successful. All they have to do is find the right audience. I also made it clear that the reality is that those who have those unbelievable looks, bodies, and endowments are the ones who will find that more opportunities will open for them.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar ~ New York)
   To be successful an exotic male dancer needs to emphasize their best features. These are some of my favorites things. First, let's be honest...if you are hung then put it out there. The fans will express their appreciation in tips. In a recent blog I describe the dancers who have been amply 'blessed' as jawbreakers. I featured many from Southern California but jawbreakers can be found across the country. As the saying goes, "If you've got it, flaunt it!" Select underwear that places the 'boyz' front and center and puts them on display for the fans to appreciate.

(Photo Source: Brenden John Photography ~ Los Angeles)
   If you've got a great ass, "the money maker", then wrap it in something that molds around each globe and clings to the crevice. And where it is legal or when it gets to the early morning hours, put on that jock strap so it is properly framed by the straps. The fans will be placing dollar bills in each strap.

(Photo Source: Brenden John Photography ~ Los Angeles)
   If you've built a chest of the Gods then start out in the tightest shirt you can wear. I want the tease. I'll see you and be thinking, "I wonder what he looks like under that shirt?" Then you slowly slide that shirt off and let me see. And make sure that when fans come up to tip, you take their hand and run it across your chest...stopping on the tip of at least one nipple. Emphasize your physical assets.

(Photo Source: Brad of Adonis Lounge ~ New York)
   I can go on and on. We can talk about your great legs. The 'guns' you've built for arms. And gentlemen, your hair matters too. Find a style that works best with your face and 'look'. And let me make it clear here as well...some of the hottest male dancers have no hair at all. Find an option that works best for you.

(Photo Source: Marc Fitt Fitness Trainer ~ Montreal)
   If you feel that your body needs a little work to get it to a more marketable place so you can obtain more work opportunities, I recommend Marc Fitt. I recommend him first, because he is serious eye candy that will help motivate some of you. And second, because he has a great program and the results can be seen in his own body.

(Photo Source: Blaze of Mojo's ~ Tulsa)
   Until next time, check out the 'favorite things' of the fans and emphasize your best features. And to the fans I say, these guys are working hard to look good for you. Tip them extra this weekend!

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