Sunday, February 21, 2016

Perspective: Simply Grateful

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Keeping up with exotic male dancers, where they will be performing, clubs, bars, revues, and events takes a lot of my time. I spend a few hours each day online checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails, etc. I absolutely love it! It is exciting to see the ads, graphics, video clips, pics and more! I started Males In Motion because I was a fan of exotic male dancers and after over 13 years, I am still here, and enjoying it even more than before. I am grateful for a life that includes a partner I love, and who loves me, and a business/career that we have built, and enjoy each day!
   I prefer a mental state where I am grateful, positive, upbeat, encouraging, and see a half-full glass. I do have those days when I don't quite make it but there are many more where I do. With all the information that is thrown at me each day, I have had to add a few filters to keep myself in the mental and emotional state that I prefer. There is a lot of negativity posted. There is a lot of hate. There are a lot of unhappy people who I guess prefer to promote unhappiness in others. As a result, I have to take a daily mental and emotional bath, and put up a few walls.
   I am grateful to be a citizen of the United States. It seems to me that as a nation we are always in a political campaign of one type or another. I do not go so far as to become the ostrich with his head stuck in the sand, oblivious of everything that is happening around him. But when I am surfing the net, and it is possible, I 'hide' all political posts regardless of their political affiliation. I do vote and just before a primary, I will spend a little time looking at the various candidates and their professed convictions or principles, and then make up my mind how I will vote in the primary. There is way too much time before an election to look, listen and view everything political that is posted, nor do I want to. It keeps my head clearer, and I stay away from most of the hate, and mud slinging that is thrown by all sides.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   I am grateful that I am a happy drunk. Although it doesn't happen often, when I do enjoy several dirty martinis or other of my favorite adult beverages, I become a happy and loving drunk. If you are around me, I will most likely give you a hug and tell you how much I love you because when alcohol hits my brain, I love everyone. Unfortunately, that is not the case with some. The entertainment provided by exotic male dancers is most often at a bar or club where the patrons are enjoying their favorite alcoholic concoctions. Some cannot control their liquor and what I call 'nastiness' is the result. Words are spoken that should never be spoken and sometimes violence can erupt. If you are known to be that type of person when you've had a few too many, please do one of two things when out at a bar or club. First, take all the money in your pocket and give it to the nearest male dancer. Just kidding! First for real, either back off and don't let yourself get to that point, or... Second, if you really are wanting to have a wall banger of a night, take a close friend with you, one who is able to keep you within the bounds of public decency and cordial talk. (If I am around where I can view it, go ahead with public indecency.)
   I've come to believe that being grateful is a key to keeping ourselves from becoming - as my grandmother would say, "too big for your britches". That doesn't mean we're fat and can't fit in them. That means we have an over-inflated sense of our importance to those around us. When that happens we tend to treat others with disrespect and disdain. And basically make a fool of ourselves. By keeping an attitude of gratefulness, we remember the following:
Customers and Male Dancer Fans:

I am grateful for the bar/club that provides a place for me to go and be entertained, make new friends, and enjoy a social life.

I am grateful for the exotic male dancers who provide most excellent eye candy for me to enjoy.

I am grateful for the bar/club staff who work hard to serve me drinks, keep me safe, and let me blow off steam from the week.

I am grateful that I have a place where I can enjoy the company of other like minded individuals (and just maybe take one of them home for the night or longer.)

Male Dancers:

I am grateful for a bar/club/event that allows me to dance and receive tips to pay expenses or buy the things I am wanting.

I am grateful for the customers and fans who give me their hard-earned cash so I can pay expenses or buy the things I am wanting.

I am grateful that I can work in an atmosphere where I am rewarded and praised for the hard work I do to keep my body fit.

Owners and Managers:

I am grateful for the customers/patrons who enter my bar and spend their money.

I am grateful for the entertainers who work hard to put on a quality show at my location.

I am grateful that I live in a country where I can own and run a business like this.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Next time you are out at a club/bar/event, be nice to the staff. Hey, it doesn't hurt to tip the DJ or other staff members every now and then. Stuff a few extra dollars in the waistband of your favorite male dancers. He'll love it and I'm sure you will enjoy it as well. Always tip your bartender. Go in with an attitude of gratefulness and have the best night you've had in a while. It works. Until next time, I want you to know that I am grateful that you took the time to read this blog.



  1. So very well said and your pictures are delicious too.

  2. Thanks Bob. Thanks, all three of these guys were great to work with. I did a photo shoot with Victor most recently (holding tray with shot glasses). Aspen is the one with tattoos and cowboy hat. Joey is in the orange. He has an amazing body.