Friday, June 24, 2016

F*ck 'em with your eyes
Without touching them
Five tips from someone who has been there.

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   My friend Tracie danced as an exotic female dancer for 15 years. She later managed and operated both female and male strip clubs including one of my all-time favorites, Mojo's in Tulsa, OK. She and her family have moved to Georgia and I was so excited when she joined me for my birthday celebration this year at Swinging Richard's in Atlanta. (Click here and read about that fun night!) Between the vodka drinks and slipping dollar bills into the armbands of the dancing boys, I asked Tracie to share some of her thoughts on what she always looked for when hiring an exotic male dancer. The result is below.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   ONE: The first and most important thing before you go any further is, "are they of legal age?" For us it was 21 plus. Of course, proof with ID was required.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   TWO: Do they have a clean and neat appearance? Did they arrive for the audition in clean clothes and hair? Do they practice proper hygiene? They must be clean and know how to take care of themselves and their bodies.

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   THREE: What is their health and fitness level? Beauty does come in all shapes and sizes but you don't want to see someone unhealthy on the stage in their underwear. The dancers are the customer's fantasy. Do they have the appropriate appearance to fit that image?

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   FOUR: What type of attitude do they bring to the audition/interview? Do they engage you and keep you interested? If they are an 'asshole', it is an immediate turn off. It they are a jerk to me then more than likely they will also be one to the customers. I look for someone who is friendly. They can be cocky and arrogant as long as they don't go too far with it. A little cockiness can sometimes be a turn on. As long as they have the looks and body to back it up. Also, one goal of the exotic male dancer is to help the customer forget their problems while at the club. We all have issues in our lives. The customer shouldn't have to hear about the problems of the male dancer. If a customer has to listen to a dancer's bitching, moaning and groaning, they will stay home and save their $$.

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   FIVE: I always liked to make my employees feel like a part of a work family. It is important to determine how well a potential dancer will fit in with the current 'family'.
   Believe it or not, I never felt it necessary that they be great dancers. They can be taught everything on the stage, pole, etc. One word of advice I gave them and would give to any potential male dancer is use your eyes, "fuck 'em with your eyes without touching them."
   Do you have a question for Tracie? You can message her on her facebook page.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Special thanks to Tracie for sharing her unique perspective in this blog. We will be posting more from Tracie in the future. She has many nuggets of wisdom that I feel can help male dancers, owners, managers, show directors, etc. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys. And if they know how to use their eyes... tip them double!
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