Sunday, June 5, 2016

All Nude - Xcellently Xceeding Xpectations
Club Review: Swinging Richards
Atlanta, GA

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   There is a small group of male strip clubs that consistently remain at the top of my favorites list. One of them is Swinging Richards in Atlanta, GA. Over the years I have been to this club several times. I have never been disappointed, and each visit seems to be better than the previous one. It is no surprise then, that for my birthday this year, I chose SR as the place I wanted to be to celebrate! I am grateful to three of my best friends who accompanied me for the night. And made sure I got back to the hotel safely!
   The club opens at 8:00pm on Friday night. We arrived around 9:30pm before it was crowded so we could get a table near the front stage. Parking is available in a lot connected to the property and costs $5.00 for the night. We paid the $10 cover and entered the world of fantasy. The first stop was the bar where they were running vodka specials for the night. With first drink in hand, I selected a table near the middle of the front stage where I could get a full view of any dancer that stepped up on the stage.
   There was one slim, nice looking dancer on the stage as we sat down. Before long the stage had up to four or five dancers at a time. The normal procedure that is followed goes like this...first song - dancers are in clothes, second song - dancers are in their underwear, and the third song - all is revealed. Depending on how well the dancers are being tipped, the clothes may be removed sooner or later.
   The night was spent with strong drinks, great conversation, lots of laughter and dollar bills being slipped into arm bands. Since the boys do go fully nude, they wear armbands for tips. Each of us quickly found our favorites. For my partner Jay, he liked Derrick, Angel, Mark and Miller. While seated at our table, Jay also obtained a very much enjoyed lap dance from Mark. Our friend Rob who had met us in Atlanta enjoyed the talents of Ace, Miller, Mayhem, Carter and Brad. Our friend Tracie, a former female dancer and club owner herself, is now a Georgian. She drove from outside Atlanta to meet us. She was partial to Raphael, Justin and Lotto. Thanks for the round of drinks Tracie. I'll buy the first round the next time we're together.
   I will admit that I was like a kid in a candy store all night. There were so many sexy dancers that I enjoyed tipping and watching. However, there were three that stood out for me. First, like Tracy, I liked Lotto. Lotto was popular and performed several lap dances at tables around us. He is the choice for the gay men with straight boy fantasies. The ladies loved him, and he loved the ladies. But, he was just as engaging and fun for the gay men as well. For me, he had the best body of the bunch which looked good from all directions. His handsome face and other impressive assets caused me to keep him into view as much as possible.
   Second, Justin spent time at our table throughout the night. He was content to just stop by and visit, flirt and check to see if we were still having fun. He wasn't pushy or overbearing. He kept us entertained and of course, we played our part in keeping him around with tips. He performed a lap dance or two at our table.
   Without question, my favorite dancer of the night was Jeremiah. He was "fine" from head to toe. The night started with my noticing him at the front stage and tipping him. And I was hooked after that. Great body, great looks, fun personality, and he knows how to give the eye with a sly smile. It just wasn't fair. I had no resistance. But of course, I wasn't trying very hard to resist either.
   At different times Rob and I both enjoyed the VIP Lounge. The price is $10 for the evening, and you can come and go as you please. I recommend it. Rob enjoyed a lap dance in the VIP lounge with Carter which he described as "Amazing!". He also enjoyed a lap dance with Brad, a dancer with a sexy nerd look as well. I enjoyed lap dances in the VIP area from three different dancers. Jeremiah, of course, and two different dancers from Cuba. I can't remember their names because at this point, the vodka drinks were doing the talking and not much listening. I do remember having fun though!!! It costs $20 per song in the VIP area, so be sure and let them know how many songs you are wanting.
   If you were to ask my com-padres about the ending of the night, they would say that I had abandoned them and disappeared into the VIP Lounge. And if you continue to listen to their story, they will say that they were almost thrown out of the club at closing time while I was no where to be found. They even said my name had been announced over the speaker several times because I needed to close my tab at the bar. Well, I don't remember any of that happening. Of course, it might have been during the time that I was shouting "Viva La Cuba!" in the VIP Lounge.
   I recommend that you make Swinging Richards a destination for a vacation, weekend getaway, etc. I know I'll be back. My friends recommend that you spend time with Ace, Derrick and Raphael, among others. I highly recommend some male stripper experiences with Jeremiah. Until next time, get lost in a VIP Lounge with your favorite male stripper. And as always, don't forget to tip the boys!!!


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