Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beat Your Heat In The Nude!
The Summer Heat Wave
Nelly Said It Best

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   We're experiencing a heat wave across much of the United States this month. There are many folks who are looking out for pets and small children in hot cars. Some will break the window if needed. There are those who are looking out for the elderly, and checking on them to make sure they are not getting overheated. I applaud these people and support them 100 percent!!! I have my own cause during this time of rising temperatures. Read on...

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   With this blog I am campaigning for male dancer awareness. Did you know that during July and August, tips dwindle in many bars and clubs? With customers taking vacations or just getting so hot that they don't want to get out of their cool homes, fewer dollars wind up in those daydream waistbands, socks, armbands, etc. I call upon all male dancer fans, and potential new fans, to get out of the pool, get to the atm, withdraw those dollars, and visit your local bar/club/event that features exotic male dancers. We want to keep these boys dancing through the summer so when those beautiful days of autumn arrive, they'll still be showing their pudding (as my friend and bartender at X-Room, James Kennedy calls it. Yes, James. I saw what you did in Ptown. WOOHOO!).

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   And for the exotic male dancers, this is a great time of year to get cooled down in the tried-and-true method. Get nekkid! Yes, take a spin on a pole at your nearest all-nude male dance club. I've provided a list below for both customer/fan and male dancer alike. For the customer/fan, it's a genuine decadent pleasure. And all you male dancers out there, each of these places are always looking for guys who truly look good when they bare it all! Check my list below to see which of my favorites are near you! There's a large obstacle in the pic below to get around first, but after you've gazed a few minutes, you'll find my list.

Photo Source: X-Room at Mardi Gras

Photo Source: The Floppy Rooster
   Nelly said it best, "It's gettin' hot in herre. So take off all your clothes." That is excellent advice for this time of year. Customers and fans, please keep your clothes on when in the bar or club. Let the boys remove their clothing. And help them beat their heat, wherever that may be. Click play below and let Nelly get you in the mood! Then tip extra to help them get through this dry, dusty desert tipping season. They'll be grateful, and you'll have fun!

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   I view this time of year as one of the best for customers and fans of exotic male dancers. You see, with some customers gone on vacations, that means when I go to the strip clubs, I get more individual attention. Think of it this way, all of those hot male dancers working it extra hard to get your dollars because there are fewer customers in the bar. You'll want to take extra $$ because there will be more opportunities. I recommend you take advantage of your situation and enjoy a lap dance or two, or ten. I have been and will continue. I've got several weekends planned in July, August and September. My travels will take me from St. Louis to Phoenix.

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Photo Source: The Floppy Rooster
   One more thing before I go. I'm all about all-nude male strip clubs. I enjoy them! But, let me make it clear. Some of the most fun (and naughty) times I have had at a club with male dancers, were not at all-nude clubs. Those boys who are suppose to keep on their clothes, well, there are other ways to get your attention. They have other skills and ideas to keep the customers happy.

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   Until next time, go have some summer fun with a male stripper! Then message me and tell me all about it! And pics are always nice too! If I have missed your favorite all-nude male strip club in my list above, please comment below and tell me the name of the club and where it is located. Now, go help the male dancers beat their heat!
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