Saturday, September 10, 2016

Thank you
Lucky 13!!
The Happy Trail Of Tips!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Lucky 13!!!! Thank you for 13 great years! Males In Motion started in 2003 when my employer at the time, required that I travel monthly. I was already a fan of exotic male dancers and had given up my lap dance virginity. When I traveled I would search for bars/clubs/events where male dancers would be performing. Online information wasn't as plentiful back then, and sometimes I would miss opportunities to enjoy my favorite form of entertainment, simply because I did not know a bar or club existed. I decided to create an online resource for finding exotic male dancers at a bar or club in the cities where I would be working.

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   The Males In Motion website was soon created. It has since been overhauled and updated a few times into our current existence at Each month we add bars and clubs to our listings, so you can find out where the sexy boys are dancing. We post links to topics or dancers that have caught our attention. So of course, we recommend that when you travel, check our website to find out where you can have some fun with the boys. For example, if you are in Massachusetts, we'd recommend you travel to Springfield and visit the X-Room at Mardi Gras. If in New Orleans, drop by The Corner Pocket and see the boys dance on the bar. And if you notice that we have missed a bar or club, please let us know. We strive not to miss any of them, even if they only have male dancers one night per week.

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   In 2010 this blog was added so I could share a few thoughts about my travels, write reviews of bars, clubs and male revues, and to hopefully provide some insight about and for the industry. Over the past several years, I have traveled around the U.S. and Canada visiting bars and clubs to watch the dancing boys. I continue to discover new favorites, both dancers and locations. One of my favorites from our northern neighbor is Stockbar in Montreal, Quebec. I have followed them online and visited the club. Those French Canadian accents will drive you crazy!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Prior to 2003, I had been a photographer for several years. Most of my work followed a historical record theme. I still dabble in it from time to time, but with the blog and website, I followed a natural passion into entertainment and promotional images. I've enjoyed and laughed during photo shoots with drag queens where my floor was left covered in sequins, rhinestones and feathers. I have also helped private clients to create images of more intimate moments. And as you might guess, I love creating fantasy pics that include a male dancer or a male model.

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   Today, it is my primary goal to assist the exotic male dancer entertainment industry to provide quality entertainment to all the customers and fans. And while achieving this goal, I want to do what I can to help all those involved to experience financial success.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Where do we go from here? We are currently expanding the website to include new sections exclusively for male dancers, agencies and male reviews. These sections will include information about training, costumes, promotion, photo shoots, customer interaction, and more. The exotic male dancers who become members will be offered discounts on underwear and exclusive costumes and other products before they are offered to the general public on the website. Through Michael Hill Digital, Males In Motion is also working to help provide photo shoots with discount pricing for aspiring exotic male dancers around North America.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Thank you to everyone in the industry for 13 years! I plan to see 13 more! Thank you customers/fans, male dancers, club owners, club managers and staff, promoters, bartenders, underwear producers, and anyone else who has had any part to play in our success! We love what we do and thank you for taking this ride with us! Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz!

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  1. Thank You! for all you do spread the word.

    1. Thanks Bob! I'm glad you are along for the ride!