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Five Photo Tips For Exotic Male Dancers
It's All About Getting Attention!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital for Males In Motion
Exposing The Male Dancer ~ Guidelines For Social Media Promotion Part Two: Five Photo Tips
   If you are planning for a short career as an exotic male dancer, then this blog will not be of much value to you. I'd stop here and not read any further. However, if you are wanting to dance to supplement your income for several years, or help pay your way through college, or you are wanting to buy a new car, or other item on your wish list, keep reading. And if you are a customer or fan of male dancers, well, I've thrown in some eye candy to keep you interested.
   I have been a photographer for fifteen plus years. I have a marketing background and Bachelor's in business. For the past few years, all my work has been focused on entertainment and promotion. And as you might guess, the majority of this has been working with exotic male dancers and male models, all for the purpose of promoting the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. I say this simply to provide some background as to why I feel I might have some insight into successful photos for exotic male dancers to use in social media. I have five tips that I want to share with exotic male dancers about using photos for promotion.
   Let's put it out there right from the beginning. The purpose of photos in social media for the exotic male dancer is to draw attention to yourself. The type of attention that entices the customers to attend your performances. And once there, they are motivated to tip you. And that leads to you making cash to pay the bills, travel or purchase those items that have been on your wish list! That is a lot for a promotional pic to live up to. These photos can not be just another 'nice pic'!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital for Males In Motion
   Part of being a successful exotic male dancer is the tease. If you post a pic of your junk boldly displayed for all to see, you've shot the proverbial wad and everyone has seen it. You've just lost one of your most valuable tools in enticing the customers to attend your performances. You want to remain a mystery. That doesn't mean that you can't take pics wearing a pair of underwear that leaves very little to the imagination. Or even a sneak peek when pulling down your underwear and showing just a bit. There is only one exception to this that I can think of. If you have been blessed and are a true King Kong. Well, then just to see if it is real or not, some customers will show up. But you can make a hell of a bulge or imprint in underwear that will do the same thing. This has nothing to do with being modest, this is just good business sense. Curiosity and mystery are two very powerful drawing cards when working to bring customers through the door.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital for Males In Motion
   Every day I see a post on Facebook where the reader is asked which one 1-5?, or some other number depending on how many hot guys are in the pic. Of course, they are basically asking "which one would you do?" If you are the hottest, most well-endowed, best body, most handsome, etc., etc., then great! But if you are not, then you have just devalued your visual attraction power. A customer who before thought you were the hottest dancer at the club may see this and now think, well, he isn't as hot as that other guy in the pic. He was motivated to seek you out and place dollar bills in your waistband, but now he probably still has you on his list, but he'll be looking for that other guy first. Be careful who you are in pics with. Make sure either you are alone, or you have an advantage over any others. Play it smart.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital for Males In Motion
   When you have the say-so over what pics are used, make sure your best assets are in the pic. If you have a flat ass but a big bulge, then you of course want to make sure that bulge is the feature attraction. If on the other hand, you are of average size like most of us, but have that amazing bubble butt, then yes, turn around or at an angle where the globes are presented in all their glory. I see a lot of pics of guys with great butts who do just this. They know where their money maker is located.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital for Males In Motion
   I like looking at pics of hot men in their underwear as much as the next gay guy or straight woman. But what really captures my attention is when that underwear is accompanied by costume accessories that play into one of my fantasies. Everyone who follows my blogs know that one of my favorite costumes is the cowboy. Put on cowboy boots and a hat and hot underwear, and you've captured my attention, and the dollars in my pocket will soon find their way into your nether regions. Behind the cowboy, there are other looks that I enjoy as well. I like the look and smell of leather so if you are wearing a harness, chaps, leather thong, motorcycle jacket, leather shorts, black boots, etc., I'm going to look your direction. Some fans are motivated by sports...a jockstrap, baseball pants and cap, sweatpants or shirts, team jerseys, etc. I also like superheroes on guys who have amazing chests and abs. There are many, many more. I could write several blogs just on costumes. Find one that fits your body type, and that sparks an interest in the customers. Use it in photos. One word of advice that I want to make is that make sure it doesn't hide your body. Lift it up, move it around, cut it off, etc., whatever you need to do to make sure that the sexy body is the star.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital for Males In Motion
   It is difficult to make a list of poses, costumes, lighting, etc., that will grab attention but if you want your pics to be successful and work toward your benefit, that is what you have to do. I scroll through many pics each day. There are pics that I see and I keep scrolling on down the page. There are pics that I see and I stop and click 'like' or 'love' on them. Then there are pics that I like so much that I think others will like them so I 'share' them. The last category is the best category and those are the pics that I do all of the above and then I download and save them to my hard drive because I think they are so damn hot, or unique, or eye catching, etc. In order to reach this status on a pic, you are going to have to do some thinking and planning with your photographer. Work together and come up with some ideas. In a single photo shoot, you may only come up with one shot that you feel this way about, but that one shot will bring a lot of attention your way when posted, and eventually it is hoped, will lead to more tips.
   I have added a few pics below that have caused me to 'like' or 'love', 'share', and download to keep. Do they affect you the same way? They may or may not. We all have different likes, tastes and preferences. What I consider attractive or interesting may be completely different than what you think. If you know your audience or customer base, you know what will push their buttons.
   Until next time, make and posts some great pics! Be sure and tag me so I can enjoy them too! (And for the customers who have read this, don't forget to tip the boys!) Feel free to add a comment below about this blog. Or, if you want, send me an email.
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