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Meltdown In Columbus
O'Connors Club 20 ~ Columbus, OH
Club Review

Johnny, Grayson & Mason     Photo Source: O'Connors Club 20
   An extended weekend in the Columbus, OH area was scheduled several months in advance. This weekend was going to be one for fun and merriment. It was a time to let off steam, and watch the boys "wiggle". My partner and I were going to visit one of our closest friends. And of course, I would research and find out which clubs had male dancers, and which male dancers I wanted to see and tip. There was one that I knew would be at the top of my list, Johnny W Dangerously. I have been following Johnny online for the past year or more. I have also chatted with him several times. He was featured in my Valentine's blog back in February. And then again in the "Boys Of Columbus" blog this past summer. I have described Johnny as the hardest working exotic male dancer I know. The guy dances almost every night of the week. His schedule takes him around Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and more.

Johnny W Dangerously     Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital for Males In Motion
   When determining which clubs to visit while in the Columbus area, I saw that Johnny was going to be at O'Connors Club 20. That sealed the deal, and on Sunday night, I was there for the "Show n' Tail" night, hosted by Abortia Clinique. There were two other dancers featured for the night as well, Mason Dickson and Grayson Knight-Lites. I'll discuss those two later in this blog but for now, back to Johnny. When he stepped out to do a meet-and-greet with the customers, I recognized that tight body, handsome face, and well, the way he is able to stretch the fabric in the front of his underwear.

Johnny W Dangerously     Photo Source: Johnny's Facebook Page
(Note: This pic was not taken while we were there. I borrowed it because I love the way he looks in this pair of underwear.)
   As usual I was in my own world, enjoying my beer, talking with my partner and friend, looking forward to the show that was about to begin. Then Johnny moves to our table and starts to speak. This deep sexy voice fills the air and I immediately experience a meltdown. It was similar to one of those situations when a hot guy with a British, Australian or French Canadian accent begins to speak. Only with Johnny's voice, it's one of those times that you just want to lay your head against his chest so you can hear his voice and feel the vibrations as he speaks. Yea, I couldn't tell you a single word he said, but I wanted him to just keep talking.
   The show started and Johnny was the first dancer up. Dressed in shirt, tie, slacks, etc., he looked ready to do a door-to-door sales pitch. Of course, I was already sold. And then the clothes came off and he was down to perfectly fitting underwear. I enjoyed finding new locations to tip my dollar bills. I could also see that my partner and our friend were enjoying Johnny's talents as much as I was.

Mason     Photo Source: Mason Dickson Facebook.
   Before I had fully recovered from my Johnny crush, Mason steps out and does his first session. I'm not sure which costume he wore first but I remember him stepping out as a doctor at one point. By that time, my heart was beating so fast, I was ready for a check up. Tall, slim, good looking and let's just say it, hung. He flashed that great smile and it was time for another meltdown.

Mason     Photo Source: Mason Dickson Facebook.
   I know I sound a bit dramatic, but hey, I'm gay, it's my right. And seriously, I had just watched two very hot men strip down to their underwear. And then tipped them both up close and personal. By this point, I was as they say, melted "butta"!

Grayson     Photo Source: Grayson Knight-Lites Facebook
   There was one more dancer for the night and he was introduced as Grayson. During one of his sessions, Grayson eventually was wearing only a pair of those assless briefs. He had begun this session at the other side of the room and I was watching and definitely enjoying the show. A couple of dollar tips accidentally fell from his waistband. He turned with his ass toward the men who had tipped, bent over and picked up his tips giving them a view of that sexy not-really-covered ass.

Grayson     Photo Source: Grayson Knight-Lites Facebook
   That is exactly the show I wanted to see. So, when he moved over toward me, I threw my tip money in the floor. He grinned, turned around and bent over to pick up his tips. Well, HELLO, and yes, I right then and there had a third meltdown. He raised back up laughing. I laughed a little too, but my mind had already gone off in fantasyland, and I decided to stay there for a few minutes. In his next session, he would come out with the one-sided underwear. Yea, I took another visit to that fantasyland then too.
   My favorite type of venue for exotic male dancers is the neighborhood bar. O'Connors Club 20 has that feeling. It is smaller, more intimate, and casual. The bartender, J.R., the staff and customers were all friendly and treated us like family. It wasn't the first bar that I visited during my weekend in Columbus, but it is the one I wanted to write about first. The "Show 'N Tail" night was definitely one of my favorite of the weekend. If ever again in Columbus, OH, and I hope to be, I will definitely visit O'Connors Club 20. There was no cover, and the drink prices fit right in with other similar bars that I have visited. We found convenient parking on the street near the club.
   Special thanks to Johnny, Mason and Grayson for helping us have such a fun night. I hope to see each of you again. For now, I'll be keeping up with your adventures online. Thanks to Abortia Clinique (Bryan Richardson) for putting together a great show. Until next time, be sure and tip the boys. And if they have an ass like Grayson's, throw it in the floor and enjoy watching them pick it up.

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